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Word Lens developer uses quadcopter to deliver wedding ring

Word Lens developer Otavio Good recently tied the knot with his wife at a wedding ceremony in Redwood City. But being a techie and developer, he decided to have tech play a role at his wedding. Standing in front of a lawn full of guests, Good shrugged when the marriage official asked for the ring;...

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Man proposes to girlfriend using a fake iPad

Plenty of iPads were gifted this past week, but at least one young lady received something in an iPad box that she probably wasn't expecting. Reddit user rad_rob proposed to his girlfriend in an amazingly unique manner, swapping the Apple tablet out of a retail box with a wedding ring. To get...

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4 apps for the Royal Wedding

When it comes to European royalty, Americans go crazy. Beyond the garden-variety obsession with royalty, British royalty in particular is like Yank catnip. The ultimate bonkers-maker, however, is British royal weddings. When there's a royal wedding across the pond, Americans absolutely seem t...

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Wedding proposed via engraved iPad 2

We think this might be cheating a little bit, but we'll let you decide: 9to5Mac reader Jordan C. wrote in to say that he's proposed to his girlfriend courtesy of a custom-engraved iPad. He ordered one with "Will you marry me?" engraved on it, and when it showed up last Monday, he carted his gir...

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An iPad, a couple, and a wedding

The iPad plays such a big part in some peoples' lives that you could almost say they're married to their iPads. And as for others, ... they just get married by their iPads -- well, sort of. The iPad helped facilitate the wedding of Aaron and Katie, as it made its rounds to the priest and then the b...

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Apple Stores have no gift registries. Bummer.

Lauren and I were chatting with Megan over on iChat today and trying to figure out how to set up her gift registry for her upcoming nuptials with her hawt Astrophysicist boyfriend. Of course, Megan is dying for one of those awesome iPhone remote dodads but we thought that we'd just go for more of a ...

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Found Footage: The do-it-yourself wedding photo booth

What do you get when you mix a MacBook, a US$99 printer, some Ikea shower curtains, and lot of wedding guests? In the case of Mac user David Cline, you end up with a very happy sister! During planning for his sister Helen's recent wedding, Cline looked into renting a wedding photo booth that woul...

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Do you take this iPhone, to have and to hold?

So you're the groom at a wedding this last Saturday. You realize, 10 minutes before the ceremony, that you forgot to print out your vows. You try to get an HP printer to plug and play with a Windows Vista laptop, but no dice-- they're playing "Here Comes the Bride," and Windows is only telling you "...

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