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iPhones now being sold by 200 carriers worldwide

Whether or not a new iPhone will be introduced this year is largely irrelevant to sales of the device, according to Goldman Sachs analyst Bill Shope, quoted in a Wall Street Journal All Things Digital post today. That's primarily due to the continuing addition of new carriers throughout the world...

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White, black iPhones same thickness say Phil Schiller, Consumer Reports

A flurry of reports over the weekend claimed the White iPhone was just a bit thicker than the standard black model. Not true, said Apple's Phil Schiller in a tweet. Now, Consumer Reports has put the issue to the test. Using high quality digital calipers, the magazine's technicians found that bo...

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Talkcast tonight, 10 PM EDT/7 PM PDT/4 PM HDT: Casper Phone Edition!

It's that time again kids! This week we have TONS to talk about, from the actual release of the Ghost Phone to the dust-up over iPhones and their location tracking and everything in between. Tonight we have a special guest, too! Chatting with me and the other TUAW staffers about the news of the...

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White iPhone shipping times grow in Europe

From coming soon, to coming eventually, to arrives tomorrow, to finally here, the white iPhone 4 landed on Thursday with a promising premiere. Only one day after it became available, wait times for the pale iPhone 4 reached five days in several of Apple's European online stores, including the U....

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White iPhone reportedly sells out in China

Apple kicked off sales of the white iPhone 4 yesterday and the launch in China was marked by long lines and steady sales. According to interviews from those in line, many Asian consumers passed on the black version of the handset and waited for the white variant to make its debut. Sales were so s...

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iPhone: "Does this white paint make me look fat?"

Ryan Cash had an opportunity to compare the new white iPhone with the more traditional black model that many of us know and love. Placed side-by-side on the desk, it appears that the white model is ever so slightly thicker. This is possibly due to a need to filter light, a design problem origin...

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White iPhone 4 produces long lines in Beijing

The white Apple iPhone 4 made its retail debut today, and China is one market where demand is high for the long-awaited device. According to a report from Computerworld, hundreds of customers lined up outside the Apple Store in Beijing to buy the long-delayed white model. Customers in line conf...

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Apple Store back up, white iPhone now available

Hours after the white iPhone went on sale internationally and a lengthy downtime, it is now available through the US Apple Store, as well as AT&T and Verizon's websites. As mentioned earlier, the handset should be available at Apple's brick-and-mortar stores when they open later today. Appl...

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White iPhone 4 now available for sale internationally

The elusive white iPhone 4 is elusive no more. It's already gone on sale internationally; this included screenshot is from Vodafone in New Zealand. The white iPhone 4 is expected to see release in several international markets over the course of the day, with release in the US likely to come with...

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White iPhone delay partly due to UV protection

In an interview with Ina Fried at AllThingsD, Phil Schiller and Steve Jobs gave a little insight into what made the white iPhone 4 so tough to produce. Actually, it wasn't really the manufacturing itself, but the materials science needed to make sure the white iPhone was in every way as capable...

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White iPhone proximity sensor, death grip tested on video

You don't have to watch the two videos after the break if you don't want to -- we'll just tell you that Italy's iSpazio blog tested the white iPhone's proximity sensor and "death grip" antenna seam issue, and that, surprise, they're both fine. The proximity sensor seems to work a little better ...

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White iPhone to arrive tomorrow (4/28) says Apple

Apple has announced that the white iPhone 4 will be available tomorrow, April 28th. You'll be able to find it at Apple's online store, Apple retail stores, AT&T and Verizon Wireless stores and some Apple Authorized Resellers (call to confirm). The white iPhone will go on sale in 28 countrie...

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White model to boost iPhone sales in upcoming quarter

Multiple rumors suggest Apple is gearing up to finally launch the white iPhone 4 later this week. While many are weary of these constant rumors, Ticonderoga securities analyst Brian White believes Apple fans and stockholders should be happy that the handset may be ready for its long-awaited debut...

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White iPhone 4 listed in Best Buy's inventory with April 27th launch date

As if we needed any more proof that the white iPhone 4 is about to be unleashed, 9to5Mac posts screenshots from a Best Buy inventory system that shows the white iPhone 4 will be released on Wednesday, April 27th. This latest hint comes after a week long series of reports and leaks from Italy, t...

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UK has white iPhone now, Netherlands company memo suggests next week

Just in time for Easter, it's finally here -- our friends at Engadget have obtained actual pictures of the official white iPhone 4, which was purportedly sold by a Vodafone UK retailer to a tipster. It's just what you'd expect it to be (like the iPhone 4, but, y'know, white), save for being one...

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