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Tag: widget watch

Widget Watch: English to Pirate Translator

Have you ever wanted to give a scurvy dog a piece of your mind, but you just couldn't find the right phrase? Those days are long gone, thanks to the English to Pirate Translator widget. With one press of a button you'll be spouting pirate just like Bluebeard....

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Widget Watch: PEMDAS

Whilst I was attending school my teachers assured me that I would use the math I was learning in my day to day life. They lied. I can't remember the last time someone asked me to get the volume of a pyramid, or what the cosine of 12.3234 was. Since I am but a mere blogger PEMDAS isn't all that usefu...

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Widget Watch: Are you ready for some football?

Oh, yes I am. If you like a little NFL mixed in with you OS X, check out 2006 NFL by Kelly Phillips. It's a Dashboard widget that breaks down every game of the 2006 NFL season. Flip it over, and get each team's win/loss record, sorted by conference and division. If you just want to focus on a single...

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Widget Watch: Mr. Alligator

Who says that widgets need to be useful? Certainly not Curious Media, the creators of Mr. Alligator. Mr. Alligator sits in your Dashboard and waits to be clicked on. When someone clicks on him a random sentence, pulled from words in a database, is displayed. Mr. Alligator can also speak the phrases ...

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Widget Watch: Dashalytics

I run a number of personal blogs, and like all bloggers I am obsessed with statistics (who doesn't want to know how unpopular their thoughts about their cats are?). Google Analytics is a great, free service from Google that gathers a number of stats from any website onto which you add Google's magic...

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Widget Watch: Get Picture Framer for free

Monkey Business Labs and Photojojo are offering Picture Framer Deluxe, which usually costs $5, for free. Why are they doing this? Free publicity, I imagine. If you are looking for a Dashboard widget that can cycle through your iPhoto library, or your Flickr stream then you can't do better than this ...

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Widget Watch: MultiDash - workspaces for Dashboard

Looks like even Dashboard is getting in on this 'spaces' concept with MultiDash - a workspace manager for your Mac OS X 10.4 widgets. Flipping the widget over allows you to create separate workspaces, and it simply records which widgets are open, complete with a screenshot, when you create the works...

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Widget Watch: Leopard server monitor

Steve didn't make any note of Leopard server in his Keynote, which is a little sad. I can imagine all the engineers who work on the server OS waiting, hoping that Steve would note all the cool new features. Sadly, they were out of luck but unlike Steve I will mention one of the new features, namely...

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Widget Watch: iStat Pro 3.0

iStat Pro 3.0 has been released and it is one of the only widgets that I actually find useful. It displays all sorts of information about your Mac at a glance, and in version 3.0 it is even easier to read. 4 new skins and new anti-aliased graphs for cpu and memory really make this widget a cut abov...

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Widget Watch: BBC Motion Gallery Search

The BBC (or the Beeb to those in the know) has just released a very cool Dashboard Widget. What's it do? I'm glad you asked! The BBC Motion Gallery Search is basically a quick and easy way to search the BBC's Motion Gallery, which is a website that has lots of very cool video clips on it. Pretty sli...

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Widget Watch:

As you may have guessed, today's widget interacts with is a Dashboard widget that has a single purpose in life: To put all of your tags in your Dashboard. The developer is currently looking for people to "...put my widget through the wringer," so try it out and let him k...

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Widget Watch: Digg Search Widget

Digg is everyone's favorite social news site (with a decided focus on all things tech). With all the things that get 'dugg' it is hard to keep up, and that's where the Digg Search Widget (for Yahoo! Widget Engine) comes in. The widget can search a number of different Digg categories and can display ...

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Widget Watch: The Daily Grind 2.0

Dave Caolo found The Daily Grind last month, just this week it was updated to version 2. The new version of this task-tracking widget adds colored labels and the ability to drag and drop tasks for greater organizing goodness or "simply because it's an addictive pastime." The Daily Grind v2 is donati...

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Widget Watch: Hard at work

Today's widget makes slacking off at work so much easier (not that we condone that type of thing). When running in the Dashboard, the Hard at Work widget looks like a full sized, Excel-style spreadsheet, complete with fictitious data. Flip it over, and it's a large word processing document, full of ...

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Widget Watch: xCuts - a Mac OS X shortcut reference

Now here is a widget that everyone can enjoy: more better keyboard shortcuts. xCuts is a reference widget for Mac OS X's keyboard shortcuts, organized by Category, Scope and Object, allowing you more control over which kinds of shortcuts to browse through. You can even live-search the database, and ...

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