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Widget Watch: Tumblr widget version 3

Here's something for everyone who uses Tumblr. Version 3 of the Tumblr Dashboard widget is available with some cool new features. It can publish posts, links, quotes, and web photos. Also, it puts a dash (-) in front of the source on a quote, which looks nice on your post. I've tried it out and it ...

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Widget Watch: DockDoctor lets you choose your Dock's dimensions

First we tweaked the app indicators, and then we tweaked the color, and now we've finally come all the way back in our Time Machine (oh yes, pun very intended) to two weeks ago. Innermind Media, the folks behind WidgetWizard, are probably a little angry at Leopard, considering all that Web Clip fu...

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iStat menus 1.2 monitors your Mac's innards

I'm definitely a big fan of iSlayer's iStat Pro widget. Whenever my older Powerbook acts a little weird, I can just pull up the Dashboard and tell at a glance what's going wrong ("Oh my, the CPU is running at 150 degrees again. Time to quit a few apps"). Now they've sent word that iStat menus, an ...

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Widget Watch: Refurb Store

I've always maintained that a good Dashboard widget should be simple with a well-defined, useful purpose that requires it to be close at hand. The Refurb Store widget meets my desiderata perfectly. All it does is display the latest deals from the US Apple Store Special Deals section on refurbished e...

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Dine-o-Matic 2 will be released tomorrow

Phill Ryu did us a solid and dropped a quick note about an early preview of Dine-o-Matic 2 from Iconfactory. Just install the widget, punch in the names and numbers of your favorite restaurants, and a meal decision is only one click away. New in this version is categorization of the different places...

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Gas price widget + remote control tool from PocketMac

The fine folks over at PocketMac have released a couple of goodies over the past week. First, a new commercial product, PocketMac Remote: a $9.95 utility to quickly and simply turn your Apple remote into a presentation controller for PowerPoint [as commenters point out, the remote already works for ...

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Modding Apple's calculator widget

Jonas at the MacThemes Forums got tired of looking at the "...old Cartoonish orangy interface" of Apple's calculator Dashboard widget. So, he made his own. It's a simple black affair with recessed buttons. We think it looks sharp. When you install it, you'll be asked if you want to replace the exis...

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Video: Monkey Business Labs and Package Tracker 3 sneak peek

Click To Play Monkey Business Labs, makers of the fine TV Tracker and Package Tracker widgets show us what's new in their bag of widget tricks... Like a sneak peek at Package Tracker 3. If you thought version 2 was cool, stick around for the ending because version 3 will knock your...

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Widget Watch: Tumblr widget 2.0

Tumblr is a unique 'tumble blog' service that gives users a no hassles, no frills blog, and a simple bookmarklet with which to quickly post text, videos, pictures and even chats. For those who feel Blogger or WordPress are a little much to manage, or if you simply don't feel like you have that much ...

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Widget Watch: Gift-It!

Tasty Apps says of their gift managing widget Gift-It! that it "pushes Apple's Dashboard to the limit!" It's a neat idea: You create entries for all the folks you might need to buy gifts for (including yourself of course!). Gift-It! then installs a new button in the Safari toolbar (thanks to the so...

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Widget Watch: iStat Pro 4, iStat nano 2

The crew over at iSlayer have been busy releasing major updates to their killer system monitoring widgets, and not a moment too late for this year's Apple Design Awards (entry deadline is April 23rd). Earlier this month we missed a major upgrade and UI overhaul to iStat nano, bringing the compact ...

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Widget Watch: Stikkit widget

Last week, Mat Lu found a Quicksilver plugin that plays well with Stikkit, the online personal info organizer that thinks so you don't have to, but there's also another method for all you Dashboard junkies out there: a full-on widget from James Adam. This widget, like its Quicksilver plugin cousin...

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Widget Watch: Minutes

The best widgets, in my view, do one simple thing and do it well. That description would fit Minutes, a great little countdown timer widget. With Minutes you just grab the little blue triangle and spin it around to choose your interval (in whole minutes). When it reaches zero it gives you a Growl no...

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Koloroo releases another iPod widget

Last month, we pointed out Tipkalc, the iPod "widget" from Koloroo that lets you calculate your tip and split your bill while at a restaurant. Now, the folks at Koloroo have released a second iPod widget, Kolorwheel. Once loaded, you select a "base" color with the iPod's scroll wheel and Kolorwheel...

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Tumblr now has Dashboard widgets, Quicksilver add-on

Tumblr is a unique new tumblelog service that employs a KISS philosophy: offering a very streamlined, one-column layout and a clever bookmarklet that is smart about what you're trying to share on your Tumblr blog. While the minimalist templates can be edited by hand to include just about anything yo...

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