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Fixing the Image Upload widget

The Image Upload widget featured here is a freeware widget by Model Concept which allows you to upload an image to ImageShack simply by dropping it onto the widget. The result is that the URL is auto-magically saved to your clipboard. The overall experience is pretty slick; it supports audio and...

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Friday Favorite: ColorBurn

This is a gem for anyone who does design, both for the web and print. ColorBurn is a Dashboard widget from Firewheel Design that generates a new color palette each day for designers to try out. The suggested colors also have the hexadecimal values for web design. There is an option to change the...

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Widget Watch: Get Organized for free

Those wizards of widgets at iSlayer have come up with yet another really useful tool for the Dashboard. Organized is a free widget with an event calendar, world clock, notes, and to-dos, all of which are synced to iCal and Mail. As with other iSlayer widgets like iStat menus/nano/pro, it is obvious...

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Mac 101: faster widget management

If you make any kind of extensive use of the OS X Dashboard, you probably close as many widgets as you open. Usually, that means hitting the plus sign at the lower left of the screen to reveal the widget bar, clicking the "X" on the widget you want to remove, and then closing the widget bar. Seems...

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Widget Watch: Woot!

This Lifehacker comment thread made me go researching on what I might use for Webclips, but save for the front page of my favorite blog (TUAW, duh), I couldn't think of anything I'd really want to keep on my Dashboard 24/7. I did like the idea of putting (and Shirt.woot, which I've been...

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Google Gadgets in your OS X Dashboard

Google has announced that the next version of Google Desktop (we've written about Google Desktop before) will allow users to run Google Gadgets alongside Mac OS X Widgets in the Dashboard. This new functionality should be available tomorrow. I don't use Google Desktop or Gadgets, and rarely use...

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Conversion Confusion: Apple's Sterling oversight

Discussion has abounded the tubes recently over what appears to be a little oversight in Leopard's Conversion dashboard widget: namely the unusual omission of the Great British Pound from the currency list. Whilst some readers will no doubt shout 'So what?', as someone who routinely uses the widget,...

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Mac 101: Whip your widgets into shape

Widgets are way too much fun. Though your Mac ships with a few of them already installed on the Dashboard, frankly they're kind of boring. I mean, how much fun is a calculator, clock, or calendar? Did you know there's a bunch more hiding in the far corners of your computer, and even more waiting...

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24 Hours of Leopard: Web Clips

Feature: Web Clips, little roll-your-own widgets for Dashboard that will tell you anything the Web can. How it works: Making a Dashboard widget isn't really that hard now, but it's about to get a lot easier. There'll be a little button in Safari that you can press to take a "clip" of a web page and...

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Run Widgets (kinda) on your iPhone

I've kinda sorta almost have Macintosh Dashboard widgets running on the iPhone. Some run okay, others not so much. The Weather, ESPN and Calendar widgets are some of the best; the Flight Tracker, Dictionary and Phone Book are among the worst. If you'd like to give this a try, download a copy of...

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Five widgets for football junkies

As I write this, there are 12 excruciatingly long days until the start of the 2007 NFL football season. This year, the best-dressed Macs will have spiffy new dashboard widgets to help us follow our fantasy picks, favorite teams, league stats, and every game nuance we can think of. Here are the top...

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Widget Watch: WidgetWizard turns RSS into widgets

Disappointed that one of your favorite sites hasn't broken out a widget for their RSS feed yet? Worry not, WidgetWizard's got you covered. Just fill out a quick little form, and the RSS feed of your choice is available in widget form. Sure, it's not actually that hard to do, and the upcoming release...

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Widget Watch: YouTube

Before you say anything, I know - YouTube is the last thing you need to have lying around at the flick of a mouse or stroke of a key. I just couldn't stop myself from blogging this because it shot to the top of Apple's popular Dashboard widgets chart, and it really is well done. The YouTube...

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Widget Watch: password protected Secret NotePad

The Dashboard is fun and all, but few widgets offer much in the way of storing any kind of data in a secure way. If you would like to work with a scratchpad in the comforts of Dashboard but also want the notes you jot down to be secured from wandering eyes, Secret NotePad might be a good option....

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Netvibes unveils optimized iPhone portal

Netvibes is one of the largest players in the web2 portal game, allowing users to add all sorts of content and communication widgets to customizable pages, acting as a dashboard for your online realm. You can add widgets to watch RSS feeds, email from lots of services like Gmail and .Mac, weather,...

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