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WiebeTech UltraDock v5: A marriage of Macs and bare drives

There are some Mac users who just keep piles of bare hard disk and solid state disk drives around. By bare drives, I mean that they're not in any sort of external drive enclosure. This can be handy, since bare drives are inexpensive -- you don't need to pay for the enclosure or power supply. Wi...

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WiebeTech Drive eRazer Ultra provides super-secure drive wiping

For Mac repair shops, enterprise tech support teams, and consultants who need to wipe all data off of hard drives before selling or recycling old Macs, there's now a fast way to erase those drives without tying up a machine for a long time. WiebeTech has a new device called the Drive eRazer Ultra ...

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WiebeTech RTX220-QR RAID: SSD speeds at HD prices

If you're looking for a 2-bay RAID setup for doing either mirrored (RAID 1) or striped (RAID 0) storage or backup, what do you want? Something pretty and shiny, or something that looks like it can withstand a direct attack by a squad of Marines who are having a bad day? My guess is that you'll w...

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