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Video: Unity, the game dev tool for Macs

Click To Play We've covered Unity before, but video speaks louder than words, so we were happy to have a demo of some incredible features in the latest version. Unity is a game dev tool, only for Macintosh, that allows you to create Mac games, Dashboard widget games, PC games, web ...

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The Economist on Apple's journey as a lesson to other companies

The Economist has published an article that explores some of the lessons other companies can learn from Apple's journey through the industry, as well as it's unique practices towards product design and customer relations. Specifically, the article outlines four lessons other companies should take no...

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Wii Loop Machine

We have previously mentioned several fun uses of the Wiimote with your Mac. The Wii Loop Machine by Yann Seznec is nifty little application for controlling music loops (similar to those in Garageband) using the Wiimote. You can select different loops with the buttons and control playback by moving...

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Mii Transfer: Get Your Mii on Your Mac

I'm one of those sad souls who's dying to pick up a Nintendo Wii, but never can find one in stock. For those of you lucky enough to have one you might like to check out Mii Transfer from Mike Cohen. Says Mike, "Mii Transfer is a tiny utility which lets you copy your Miis from your Wii Remote to your...

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Wii Transfer 2.0

It seems like only yesterday when I first wrote about Wii Transfer, and now it is a 2.0 app. My how times are changing. Wii Transfer 2.0 adds some very cool features to its ability to encode videos from your Mac for playing on the Wii. 2.0 offers: The ability to stream your music from your Mac t...

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Mac Gaming with a Wii-mote

We've had several Wii-mote and Mac related posts so far, but most have been of the just because we can sort. For instance, DarwiinRemote is mostly a proof of concept and the WiiSaber is a rather short-lived diversion. Now, however, somebody actually has a Wii-mote working as a controller for a M...

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Make movies for your Wii with your Mac

Nintendo and Apple seem to both ignite the same sort of passion in their customers, and I imagine that the Venn diagram that shows Apple users and Nintendo users has much overlap. Hence, I am sure many of you are trying to get movies from your Mac onto you Wii for your Wii viewing pleasure. Rive...

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What do you get when you take a Mac and add the Nintendo Wiimote? Why, DarwiinRemote, of course. This little app, which is still rough around the corners, lets you use your Wiimote (that being the new controller that comes with Nintendo's next gen console, the Wii) and use it as if it were an Apple...

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