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Found Footage: iPhone vs. Windows Mobile

German site iFun.de has created a very cool video that compares iPhone features with the equivalent feature on a Windows Mobile device. It is important to note that most currently shipping Windows Mobile devices can do everything (and more) that we saw the iPhone do. The real difference is not in...

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How To: Tether a Samsung BlackJack to get your Mac online

About a month ago I swallowed the poison and picked up a Cingular BlackJack, a new Windows Mobile Smartphone (I know, I know). I had been looking to step up to some sort of a PDA phone so I can surf and keep on top of WIN/TUAW business without having a MacBook sewn to my head, and so far it's been w...

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Missing Sync for Windows Mobile syncs Yojimbo notes

Due to a SonyEricsson phone that recently passed away, I took a leap of faith and purchased a Windows Smartphone device, primarily because I want push email and I think the BlackBerry OS was beaten beyond death with a fugly stick (yes, I know it's still all the rage with the kiddies these days). De...

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