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Tag: wine

Run IE on your Intel Mac, if you absolutely have to

If you're a Mac-based web developer, a sysadmin at SomeBigCo, or an Outlook Web Access user, you might find yourself needing to use MS Internet Explorer from time to time. No, not IE for Mac OS X, frozen in amber within Applications folders around the globe; I mean IE for Windows, the hairy scary Ac...

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That unique "new Mac" smell

You all know what I'm talking about: the moment you tear open your new Mac and are greeted by that complex combination of a "little bit of plastic bag with a hint of lindenberry followed by a rush of Styrofoam." We all love it. Just like every other Apple product I've purchased new, my MacBook feat...

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Road to WINE travel-able, but filled with potholes...

Don't get overly excited by this Digg post , announcing WINE arrives for Intel Macs. If you actually follow the links through to the discussion thread where this story originates, you'll find that WINE is compiled and working, but not that well: "I warn you. There is nothing to get excited about......

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