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Join us for the Macworld/iWorld 2014 State of Apple Technology panel liveblog

When it rains, it pours. Sure enough, it has been raining here in drought-stricken Northern California, so much so that numerous flights were delayed coming into the city yesterday. And after a drought of Apple-related liveblogs, we actually have two that will be happening simultaneously. Mike Ro...

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BroApp coming to iOS amidst firestorm of opinion

BroApp, a US$1.99 Android app that sends automated texts to friends, partners, and family is heading soon to iOS. The app acts on your behalf as a kind of techno-Cyrano. It messages your recipient with a fortune cookie of attention. "Thinking of you." "Can't wait to see you." "Good morning! I hope...

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Apparently Apple isn't 'thriving' enough for some people

Yesterday, Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page let investors know that he wouldn't be able to attend every single earnings call as he has made a habit of in the past. Some speculated that it's because of an increasingly difficult medical condition that makes it hard for Page to speak. Regardless,...

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Wired and the design behind the iOS 7

On the heels of its iOS 7 coverage, Wired has taken the time to dive into the story about how the overhaul to Apple's iOS platform came to be. Instead of retreading the old route from Scott Forstall to Jony Ive, the magazine explores the psychological justification of skeuomorphism and how moder...

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The rising popularity of iPad as cash register

Over at Wired, writer Marcus Wohlson points out that the novelty of using an iPad or other mobile device as a cash register is beginning to disappear as that particular use case turns mainstream. The act of handing your credit card to an iPad-toting store clerk or coffee shop barista was unthinka...

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Auto manufacturers slow to adopt Siri Eyes Free

Remember the hoopla at last year's WWDC when Apple announced Siri Eyes Free? The feature was designed to use a car's onboard voice-recognition hardware to process voice input and pass it along to Apple's Siri. At this point in time, according to an article on Wired, only GM has actually impleme...

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iPhone, macro lens take beautiful snowflake photos

Sometimes photography is all about capturing the moment quickly and not the expensive camera equipment you tote around in your bag. Wired has an excellent story about Ben Woodworth, who used an iPhone 5 and a $5 macro lens attachment to capture a series of stunning snowflake portraits. He locke...

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uChek raises the stakes in smartphone health care with camera-based urine analysis

The iPhone. Is there anything it can't do? The trend towards self-monitoring and informal health tracking continues with uChek. Featured today over at Wired, this app enables you to automatically read, chart and track a variety of urinalysis tests on your iPhone. The product works by leveraging...

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The future of Apple UI

Now that Scott Forstall is no longer in charge of iOS and Jony Ive is overseeing both product design and user experience, signs are pointing to a major overhaul of the user interfaces for iOS, OS X and the Apple-created apps that are part of the operating systems. Wired's Christina Bonnington t...

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Apple's Passbook a boon for developers

Apple's Passbook has a surprising set of fans; app developers. A Wired post this morning describes how a variety of companies have seen uptake of their apps skyrocket once Passbook compatibility was added. As an example, beauty retailer Sephora saw 38,000 more downloads of its app than usual ...

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Why original iPads still sell well

Back when it first shipped in 2010, the original iPad was considered a miracle of modern technology. As with most consumer electronic devices, though, the minute its successor -- the iPad 2 -- was out the door, the original iPad was shunned for the shinier, faster models. But as Wired Enterprise b...

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Amazon responds to iCloud account hacking

Amazon is taking action after learning of the inadvertent role it played in Wired writer Mat Honan's digital nightmare last week, when his iCloud account password was compromised and his Mac was wiped. Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris told Wired on Monday that processes were being reviewed, but...

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Mat Honan details the Amazon and Apple security flaws that let hackers wipe his MacBook

Late Friday, Wired writer Mat Honan ran into a digital buzzsaw as his iCloud, Gmail and Twitter accounts were compromised in rapid succession. The hackers did a tremendous amount of collateral damage along the way, spewing racist and homophobic tweets on Honan's account plus the Gizmodo Twitter...

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Why entrepreneurs look to Steve Jobs for guidance (and why they shouldn't)

There's something about the juxtaposition of Apple stories and religious imagery that hits Wired magazine's design team right where they live. In 1997, the magazine's notorious 101 Ways to Save Apple story was represented on the cover by an Apple logo circled in a martyr's crown of thorns; this...

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Clever iPhone, iPad DIY projects

Wired has a great little roundup of eight do-it-yourself projects for iPhone and iPad owners today, so if you need some inspiration for your next project, be sure to give it a look. The first idea on Wired's list isn't anything new -- in fact, our own intrepid blogger and developer Erica Sadu...

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