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Apple Store artist's first-person story of his visit from the Secret Service

Kyle McDonald is the artist behind the controversial "People Staring at Computers" project that captured images of people staring at Mac computers in Apple's New York City stores. After his project went viral, the artist was paid a not-so-friendly visit by the Secret Service. His adventure is d...

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First issue of WIRED re-released as an iPad app

Are you a fan of WIRED Magazine? The first issue of the Condé Nast tech magazine appeared back in January of 1993 with futurist Bruce Sterling talking about war and MIT Media Lab's Nicholas Negroponte pontificating about "What's wrong with HDTV." WIRED fans who want to relive the past of...

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On buying iPads for your kids

When it comes to talking about buying iPads for kids, I'm probably the last person to ask since I have no children. That's why it's a good thing that Wired's Brad Moon wrote a lovely post in which he explains his reasons for purchasing an iPad for each of his three children. For Moon, the dec...

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Estonian Hackers target iTunes users in 'Clickjacking' ring

Wired has an interesting report on a clickjacking scheme that hijacked prominent websites including iTunes and the IRS. The scheme was run by six Estonians and one Russian operating out of Eastern Europe. The team created several fake companies, including a bogus advertising agency, which were pa...

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Conde Nast Britain gives subscribers free iPad access

Condé Nast Britain has begun to provide existing print subscribers with access to equivalent digital editions on the iPad at no cost. According to an article published on the UK Association of Online Publishers website, Apple's Newsstand app has increased the issue sales of British GQ by...

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$99 iPad app dinged by Wired, drops price 90% for the day

We love a good App Store pricing story, and this one has a happy ending (mostly). Yesterday Wired picked up the scent of Autriv's SignMyPad Pro, which has a rather breathtaking price tag of $99. Since the non-pro version of the PDF-signing app -- which shares almost all its features -- is only $4...

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Sharing Instagram photos on Google+ automatically

Instagram (free) is a lot of fun, although it's often criticized as being the "auto-tune for photography." Google+ is the new social networking flavor of the week, so it's natural that the two services should get together. Wired's Gadget Lab has cooked up a recipe for more Instagram enjoyment by ...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT: Brian X. Chen talks about "Always On"

Today's TUAW TV Live features a guest whose new book, "Always On: How the iPhone Unlocked the Anything-Anytime-Anywhere Future--and Locked Us In" is garnering praise for its unblinking look at the good and bad aspects of the iPhone phenomena. Brian X. Chen is the interim editor of's G...

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New Wired for iPad issue out now, Adobe's picking up the tab

Want to try out Wired Magazine for iPad, but you're not too thrilled about paying US$3.99 for the latest issue? In an attempt to encourage potential subscribers to push the buy button in the future, and to show off some new features in the app, Wired 19.05 (otherwise known as the May 2011 editi...

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iOS 4.3 gold master benchmarks from WIRED show speedier Safari browsing

In case you're wondering how that iOS 4.3 update is going to work out for you, WIRED has released results of benchmarks they performed using the gold master (release) version of the software. What they found was that the update provides major improvements in Safari's ability to run JavaScript. i...

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Wired named the iPad... in 1999

Here's an interesting tidbit from WIRED. Way back in 1999, the magazine ran a short piece in the Hype List section reflecting on the company's recent financial turnaround. You'll remember that Apple introduced the iMac in 1998, which was a huge success. The piece was written in April of 1999, jus...

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Gourmet magazine to return as iPad app

There's been a lot of talk about the iPad saving print, but in this case it might actually happen. Gourmet magazine closed up shop late last year, but the publisher is getting ready to bring the mag back -- as an iPad app called Gourmet Live. The app will be free (with a few options for in-app payme...

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Judge unseals documents in Gizmodo case, finder offered extra $3500 and bonus for lost iPhone

After multiple requests from media like and the Los Angeles Times, a judge has unsealed the search warrant in the Gizmodo case. According to California law, search papers must be made public within 10 days of a search being completed, unless there are extenuating circumstances in the case....

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Apple visited the iPhone 4G's finder before the police did

With all of the chaos going on around the lost iPhone case, everyone has more or less assumed that Apple is behind the police department's actions in searching Gizmodo Editor Jason Chen's house late last week. Of course, no one believes that the sheriff is working for Apple, but most people seem to ...

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Videos: Wired, VIVmag showcase iPad offerings

One of the elusive goals of tablet computing has been to totally replace print media with something new. To date, nobody has been completely successful. When the Windows-based Tablet PCs shipped in the early 2000s, for instance, there was a lot of talk about how magazines would move completely to el...

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