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The iPhone 5's confusing international LTE support

One of the iPhone 5's most exciting new features is LTE support -- cell phone junkies have been waiting for an iPhone that supports high-speed LTE networks for a while now, and the latest iPhone, coming this Friday, will do exactly that. But unfortunately for international users, the LTE suppor...

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Examining iPhone pricing and US market share

Analyst Benedict Evans tries to explain why the iPhone accounts for about half of US smartphone sales, but is outold 2:1 by Android globally. He argues that it all comes down to plan pricing and phone subsidy. In the US, consumers save US$100-$200 on the cost of the phone, but the plan pricin...

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Korea loosens regulations on mobile phone sales

Korea is establishing a new policy that'll let customers buy phones and service separately, according to a report in MK Business news. Wireless customers will be able to shop for phones from a variety of retailers including supermarkets, malls and manufacturers like Apple. Even phones bought ov...

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iPad 4G branding strategy defended by Apple in Australia

In an ongoing battle in Australia over the use of 4G in the iPad name, Apple's now arguing that its naming convention adheres to the standard use of the term 4G. According to a report in The Australian, Apple claims, The descriptor '4G'... conveys to consumers in Australia that the iPad wi...

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Sprint reportedly working on iPhone warranty

According to a rumor from SprintFeed, Sprint will soon let iPhone owners purchase Total Equipment Protection coverage for their iPhone. The service plan is an alternative to AppleCare+ which must added to your iPhone within 30 days of purchase. The current TEP plans at Sprint cost US$8 per mo...

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AT&T adds a throttling limit of 3GB for iPhone owners on unlimited plan

AT&T announced on Thursday that it now has a policy for throttling users on unlimited data plans. According to an AT&T statement relayed by Ars Technica, the wireless carrier will begin to throttle customers with a 3G/HSPA+ handset at 3 GB and 4G LTE handset owners at 5 GB. This new 3 GB s...

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iFrogz' Boost speaker out now

Even a couple of months after the fact, I have to say that iFrogz' Boost speaker was one of the most interesting things I saw at CES this year. It's a little box speaker that works, more or less, like magic. There are no wires or hookups necessary. All you do is set the Boost speaker down, put you...

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Sanho previews CloudFTP at Macworld | iWorld 2012

Sanho had its Kickstarter-funded CloudFTP at Macworld | iWorld 2012 this year, and the project has generated a lot of excitement. Sanho's Daniel Chin originally sought $100,000 in funding through Kickstarter, but wound up with more than 2,700 backers and more than $262,000 by the time the pledge dr...

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AirGo, the ultimate wireless outdoor speaker uses Airport Express inside

The AirGo is a sturdy outdoor speaker designed by Russound, a company with years of experience making quality speakers. While there are a lot of great things about the AirGo, being shown off this week at CES 2012, the most interesting thing to me was that instead of using Bluetooth or cables or...

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Apple, Google opt out of app-rating system

Bloomberg reports that Apple and Google have opted out of an app-rating system announced by the CTIA-The Wireless Association. The system, which was developed and will be run by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, will bring a rating system to apps, similar to what currently exists for vid...

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Steve Jobs wanted to bypass cell carriers entirely

Speaking at a Law Seminars International event in Seattle, former T-Mobile head John Stanton said Steve Jobs wanted to launch the iPhone without carrier support. Part of his vision was to create a carrier for the iPhone that ran on unlicensed WiFi spectrum. "He wanted to replace carriers," said...

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Get audio from iOS to your HiFi easily and cheaply

There are plenty of ways to get audio from your Mac to your HiFi. AirPlay works great, if you have an AirPlay friendly system or an Apple TV. If you want to do it on the cheap, check out WiFi2HiFi, which we've mentioned a couple times in the past. This US$3.99 app runs on your iPhone, and you a...

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Lion: Join captive networks without a web browser

It's a relatively minor feature on Lion's 250+ list, but certainly a helpful one for frequent travelers or coffee shop denizens: browserless login to captive Wi-Fi networks. If you've ever used one of these institutional wireless offerings, you know how they work: first you connect to the Wi-...

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Sonos adds new hardware and lowers the entry cost to whole house music

The very popular Sonos whole house music system has announced a new wireless music player and lowered the price on its Zone Bridge device making the cost of getting into the Mac compatible system significantly cheaper. Sonos is now offering the Play: 3, a US $299.00 compact stereo speaker syste...

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DOJ gives Apple the green light to bid on Nortel patents

One by one, companies are getting the green light from the Department of Justice to bid on over 6,000 patents being auctioned off as part of Nortel's bankruptcy. Google received approval earlier this week, and Apple is supposedly next. Nortel is auctioning off its patents on June 27. Google h...

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