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Best Buy teaches Wolfram Alpha (and Siri) new tricks

When it comes to Siri innovation, it's not just about work at Apple's end. Today, Wolfram Alpha introduced new shopping features built around Best Buy's public APIs. You can now use Siri queries to browse upwards of 35 thousand appliance and home computer products. You can say "Wolfram, tablet ...

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The making of The Elements for iPad

Popular Science takes an in-depth look into the makings of The Elements: A Visual Exploration for the iPad, the app that's had many reviewers nearly swooning with giddy geek pleasure. The article is written by the original book's author and Wolfram Research's co-founder, Theodore Gray, who describe...

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Happy 5th birthday (plus or minus a few months) TUAW!

While writing up a short post about Wolfram|Alpha yesterday, I decided to test the service by entering a few domain names to see what kind of results I would get. I typed in TUAW.com and Macworld.com, and was pleased to see a comparison of daily hit statistics, but what really surprised me was to fi...

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Mathematica 6 ships

You may recall that back at WWDC'05 when Jobs announced the switch to Intel, one of the companies he invited on stage to discuss creating Universal Binaries was Wolfram Research, whose flagship product Mathematica is probably the leading desktop mathematics application. Mathematica has now reached v...

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