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Spell World is a hard, confusing adventure powered by words

Spell World takes you on an adventure that only moves forward with the power of your vocabulary. At its core, it's just a grid of letters with words hidden in them and you are only able to create words out of letters that are either diagonal or adjacent to each other. Throw in a story line and mo...

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WordHeist brings good design to uninspired word game

WordHeist is a multiplayer word game that encourages theft for your own personal gain. Using your own letter bank, create words with up to three other players. Then steal each other's letters to create your own words and protect yours from being stolen. When the timer runs out, whoever has the mo...

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Daily iPad App: Letz: The Story of Zed does match 3 right

Letz is a game that doesn't necessarily excel in its mechanics -- it's a match 3 game, basically, though there is a fun addition in the form of a word-making challenge as well. But where Letz really shines is in the icing. The sounds and graphics on this one are just pure sugary pleasure -- the...

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Guess the secret word by video: Clucks for iPhone

Fans of the party game Taboo know how tricky (and hilarious) it can be. Players are presented with a "target word" and five no-go descriptor words; then they have to get their partner or team to figure out the target without using any of the five forbidden words. Similar word-guess games can be f...

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Daily iPhone App: SpellTower is a fast-paced word game with local multiplayer support

SpellTower is a challenging word game that was recently updated to version 3.0. This latest version includes retina graphics for the new iPad and local multiplayer support. Similar to Bookworm and other word games, SpellTower has a grid of letter tiles that you use to spell words by selecting a...

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Daily iPad App: Word Jigsaw challenges you to spell while you complete a puzzle

Word Jigsaw mixes two of my favorite games. It's a word game that challenges you to spell words and it's a puzzle game that requires you to build a jigsaw puzzle. The game starts with a puzzle that has a variety of pieces. You can choose the puzzle size -- the tiny one has five pieces while the...

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Daily iPhone App: 7 Little Words will cast a spell on you

Puzzlejuice adds all kinds of bells, whistles and fun to the "word game" genre. The equally excellent 7 Little Words (free) goes in the opposite direction, boiling wordplay down to its core. It offers just seven words and a series of letters (in groups of two or three at a time) to spell them with...

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Daily iPhone App: W.E.L.D.E.R.

WELDER is an interesting take on the word game "genre" for iOS -- it is indeed a puzzle game where you need to make and spell words to score points, but this one is sort of a weird mix of Bejeweled and Scrabble (kind of like Bookworm, actually). You get a grid of letters (and some special block...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Bookworm

If you're into word games, today's Daily Mac App will be right up your street. Bookworm, from PopCap, is a word game that combines Boggle-style word making with Bejeweled-style tile removal. You're presented with a board of tiles filled from the top that's seven columns wide and seven to eigh...

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Oski for iPad is the thoughtful person's word game, with a lot of twists

Oski is a word game for the slow thinker. Not for the dimwitted, that's not what I mean, but for the word game player who likes to think – a lot – about her options and to and really plan out the next move. With no randomness and no hidden information, this is a game that invites anal...

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