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Pricing, ship date announced for MS Office For Mac 2011

A few weeks ago Microsoft released the initial preview of Office for Mac 2011. On Monday, the company announced that boxes will hit retail shelves in October (all prices are USD). As usual, there are several editions to chose from. In the case of Office for Mac 2011, there are three. First, Micro...

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Apple rejecting apps with "Pad" in the title

Apple is extremely protective of its trademarks, and has begun rejecting App Store submissions with "Pad" in the main title. 9to5 Mac notes that Jesse Waites, the developer behind ContactPad, has recently had an update for his app rejected because of its name (note that ContactPad is currently av...

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Microsoft to patch Word for Mac as per court order

Last month, a federal appeals court banned sales of Microsoft Word as of today, January 11th. To avoid a stoppage of sales and to comply with the court order, Microsoft is issuing a patch that will remove custom XML editing features. In 2007, developer i4i accused Microsoft of illegally using its...

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Office 2008 and Spaces issues, finally fixed in Snow Leopard?

One feature of Mac OS X, sometimes forgotten about, that has caused gripes from many users for a long time is Spaces. When it was first introduced almost two years ago in Leopard, some applications would not always "play nice" with each other, causing windows not to display or move correctly. Mic...

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Microsoft Mac Business Unit announces details of next version of Office for Mac

With Microsoft Office for Mac still owning a hefty portion of the Mac software market, it's always news when the Mac Business Unit decides to spill the beans on their product plans for the future.TUAW's Michael Rose was on the press call this morning and noted the headlines, with details in the pres...

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Patch for Microsoft Office 2008 XML issues now available

As promised, Microsoft has released a patch (dubbed version 12.2.1) to address issues that some Microsoft Office 2008 users have had with opening XML-based documents. When attempting to open a document in Microsoft Office 2008, some users have been presented with an error message that resembles the ...

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Open XML compatiblity issues spring up in Service Pack 2 update for Office 2008

A few weeks back, Microsoft released its Service Pack 2 update for Microsoft Office 2008 for the Mac. While adding a host of features and refinements (such as Custom Path Animation in PowerPoint and increased speed and load times in Word and Excel), the service pack apparently packed too much of a p...

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Microsoft releases Office 2008 Service Pack 2

Today, Microsoft released the Office 2008 Service Pack 2 update. This update brings many improvements and fixes to Office 2008, including improved speed and stability to Word and Excel, new features in PowerPoint, as well as improvements to connecting to SharePoint servers. A brief list of fixes fol...

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Microsoft releases Office 2008 12.1.9 to patch Word vulnerability

There's a new patch in town. Microsoft Office 2008 was updated today to protect against two privately-reported vulnerabilities in the handling of Word files; these security risks could have allowed an attacker to execute arbitrary code on your machine. The update also patches Entourage 2008 to prepa...

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iPhone app roundup: Quickoffice, Otto Matic, Evernote 2

In the hustle and madness of yesterday's wayback machine activity, there were a couple of App Store introductions (and a notable upgrade) that might have slipped through... First up: The long-awaited version of Quickoffice for iPhone that allows editing of Word and Excel files hit the store today an...

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iHangman gives you instant, classic entertainment on the go

If you're looking for a quick "pick up and play game," give iHangman a try? iHangman [iTunes link] allows you to play the timeless game of hangman right on your iPhone. In iHangman, you pick letters from the side to make a word. If you don't get the word after a couple tries, then you complete the h...

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Mac 101: Search Wikipedia from your desktop

When Apple made the move from Tiger to Leopard, they decided to throw in more than a few features. One of those new features was the ability to search Wikipedia right from Dictionary. To start searching Wikipedia, just open Dictionary (located in /Applications). Next, click on the Wikipedia butto...

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First Look: MiGhtyDocs

Google Docs gives you document storage in the cloud, so why shouldn't you be able to access your documents anywhere you are connected to the cloud -- including your iPhone? Well, Google Docs viewing on the iPhone has been a bit kludgy ... until now. Thanks to MiGhtyDocs (iTunes link), you are now fr...

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Mac 101: Pressing F5 in a text field

More Mac 101, TUAW tips for new and returning Mac users. If you're typing in a text field (in Safari, TextEdit, or most any Mac OS X app), you can press F5 while your cursor rests in a particular word to see a list of words that begin with the letters after the last space. Holding down Option and P...

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Free Stuff: Keynote Objects

iPresentee, a small company providing themes and objects for Apple's iLife and iWeb software suites, is offering a free download of Keynote Objects. Keynote Objects is a package of 100 attractive icon-like objects that can be used not only with Keynote, but also with Microsoft PowerPoint and Word. ...

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