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Tag: wordpress

iPad use case: Pro blogger

Over the past few weeks, we've heard many people say, "The iPad is cool, but what would I do with it?" This new series aims to answer that question. We'll examine one user case per post, from couch surfer to mobile professional, and describe just how that person uses his or her iPad. As a profess...

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Getting started with WordPress and MAMP on your Mac

WordPress is among the more popular blog publishing and content management systems available. Some web hosting providers, such as GoDaddy and DreamHost, provide a relatively seamless and integrated WordPress installation process built into their dashboards. However, if you'd like to dip your toes in...

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Found Footage: Help test WordPress for iPhone 1.2

Have a WordPress blog? Own an iPhone or iPod touch? Have you been using WordPress for iPhone to update your blog from the comfort of your bathroom [insert your own visual image here]? The WordPress community has been hard at work on the next release of WordPress for iPhone, and it will conta...

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WordPress for iPhone source now available

When I first heard that the iPhone WordPress app was open source I thought that was cool, but what about the SDK NDA (that's nondisclosure agreement, which means you won't share any information you're told with anyone)? It would seem that the fine folks at WordPress aren't too worried about that b...

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First Look: WordPress

It seems like only yesterday that I was posting about the soon to be released WordPress app for the iPhone. Ah, right, it was only yesterday. A lot can happen when I'm sleeping, it would appear, because sometime last night the WordPress app went live on the App Store. This free app, which works with...

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WordPress: our iPhone app is coming soon

Just a little while ago I wrote about Typepad's native iPhone app, which I quite liked. Many folks thought it looked neat, but they were either running their own WordPress blogs, or using's hosted service neither of which are compatible with the Typepad app (for obvious reasons). Lucki...

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Blogo 1.1 emerges from Brainjuice

Attention all bloggers! The nerd bunnies at Brainjuice have just released Blogo 1.1, the latest take on their Mac OS X blogging tool. Blogo 1.1 now includes support for Drupal and Twitter in addition to WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, typo, and MovableType. The new Twitter support allows users to post ...

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MarsEdit 2.1.3 helps keep drafts in WP and Blogger

Daniel Jalkut posts that TUAW's favorite blogging app, MarsEdit, has hit version 2.1.3. Mainly a bug fix update, the biggest change is that drafts in WordPress and Blogger are now better handled -- their "draft" status is apparently better preserved. Additionally, a few markup elements, specifically...

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iWPhone: WordPress plugin renders for iPhone

I run my personal site using WordPress, and one reason I like using it so much is that (although this is hardly exclusive to WordPress as a content manager) is all the great plugins available for it. On another site I ran under WordPress, I loved using the WP-Print plugin-- it automatically creates ...

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Retro MacOS Wordpress Theme

We don't usually cover Wordpress theme on TUAW, but I think we can make an exception for the Retro MacOS Wordpress Theme. Wordpress, in case you aren't familiar with it, is a very successful blogging engine which allows users to apply various themes to change the look of their blogs. Stuart Brown d...

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More ecto 3 details, a screenshot and roadmap revealed

Adriaan Tijsseling, developer of the Mac OS X version of the ecto blogging client, has been teasing us with sneak peeks and development details for some time now, but he's just posted another more revealing screenshot of ecto3, along with more details and a basic roadmap. Adriaan has touted ecto3...

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BlogMate - blogging with TextMate on steroids

TextMate has a basic, built-in blogging bundle that provides some decent features. You can use a variety of syntaxes (HTML, Markdown, etc.) to pen your next digg-worthy post, and the bundle also has rudimentary support for retrieving posts from your blog to edit. It's not bad, but it isn't stellar e...

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iTheme: OS X WordPress Theme

I know a lot of other Mac users join me in being fond of the WordPress blogging platform. Well N.Design Studio has released a cool WordPress theme called iTheme that takes its visual cues from OS X, right down to the green zoom buttons, which collapse and expand your sidebar widgets. The widgets ca...

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WordPress 2.0.6 supports HTML quicktags in Safari

We typically don't post about updates to WordPress (that's Download Squad's job), one of the most popular install-it-yourself blogging platforms available, but this latest v2.0.6 is a little different. Amidst some security updates and other goodies for plug-in and theme developers is HTML quicktag...

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On TextMate extras

Like me, there are probably a lot of fresh new TextMate users out there in the audience thanks at least in part to MacHeist, so I thought it would be pertinent to point out a few helpful resources Allan Odgaard (TM's developer) maintains at Of course the searchable mailing list and I...

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