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Nisus Writer Pro Beta available

Nisus Writer was a serious old-school classic Mac word processor with a devoted following. In the OS X era Nisus introduced Nisus Writer Express, which has a somewhat more limited feature set, but they promised a more powerful version, Nisus Writer Pro. It has has now finally arrived as a public bet...

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Scrivener - the word processor with a cork board

Scrivener is a new word processor made for the messy, non-linear and notecard-slinging writers out there. Merlin Mann has been raving about it, and I can understand why: Scrivener's entire UI and workflow is designed around managing the pieces of whatever you're working on, allowing you to organiz...

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Writely - The (free) Web Word Processor

C.K. told me about Writely a while back, and even when DownloadSquad blogged it in September it was available as an invite-only beta. Worse yet, it didn't (and still doesn't) like Safari. None of that matters now, however, as I just noticed that Writely seems to have opened its doors for all to com...

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