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World of Goo for Mac and iOS now on sale

World of Goo is a popular physics puzzler from 2D Boy that lets you build towers with blobs of goo. Using loosely applied principles of physics, your goal is to move the goo through pipes and into new levels. The game has an enthusiastic following and is available on a variety of platforms incl...

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TUAW's Daily App: World of Goo

Let's be honest here, ... you probably already know all about World of Goo. You know it's an excellent little physics puzzler from 2D Boy, and honestly, you probably already bought it, considering that it sold better on the iPad than any other platform and has even been seen in the Humble Indie...

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Crazy summer Steam sale includes some fantastic Mac games

The PC gaming community has long enjoyed the ridiculously awesome Steam sales Valve loves to break out during holidays and at other fun times of the year. The sales deliver game bundles for crazy cheap prices, even on AAA current titles. Steam's summer sale kicked off a couple of days ago. For th...

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Humble Indie Bundle offers five great Mac games for pay-what-you-will

A group of independent game developers have released a "Humble Indie Bundle," and if you're a Mac gamer, it's a treasure trove. For a donation of your choice (the retail value is set at $80, but you can pay what you want, and you can even specify whether your money goes to the game developers or ...

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