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Woz talks to developers at Intel Developer Forum

Steve "Woz" Wozniak is often considered the "God" of Apple. He was the designer of the first ever Apple computers (Apple / & Apple //). At a recent developer forum at Intel, Woz gave a bit of advice to the engineers. He told them that, "the right way of going through life" is pursuing a vision w...

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Happy Birthday and Best Wedding Wishes, Woz!

A very happy birthday to Stephen Gary "Woz" Wozniak, the co-founder of the company we all know and love. No comments about "third founder" Ron Wayne, please. Woz will be 58 on Monday, the 11th, but we wanted to give you the scoop on some other things going on in his life right now, so we're running ...

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1st-gen iPod nano lanyards work with new "fatty" nanos

In case you were wondering, the old lanyards for the 1st-gen iPod nanos work with the current 3rd-gen (aka "fatty" or "video") nanos. Apple moved the dock connection and headphone port away from each other in the 2nd-gen nanos, thus ruining the party for a lot of 3rd-party accessory manufacturers. B...

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Steve Jobs: Smooth Criminal

Steve's a smooth guy, we know this. Witness his near-flawless execution of the keynotes. Marvel at how he keeps a straight face when asked about secret projects. Not that he always keeps his cool, but I certainly wouldn't want to play poker with the guy. The criminal part? Well, I'm not talking abou...

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Woz and Buzz to take Hydrogen Hummer to South Pole

Before we dive into the actual story, lets just take a minute to sit back and appreciate just how fantastically bizarre that title is. ... Ok then! Mac daddy Steve Wozniak has announced that in December 2007, he and Moon man Buzz Aldrin (second person ever to set foot on the Moon) will participate i...

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BusinessWeek sits down with Woz

Who doesn't like the Woz? Communists, perhaps, but other than that I think he is universally liked (unlike some other Steves). As you know Woz has penned a memoir which means that promotion for the book is needed. BusinessWeek's Hardy Green sat down with Woz and asked him a few questions. Woz assure...

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Woz interviewed about Apple's 30th

He just wanted to be an HP engineer, but instead he co-founded the company that introduced the world to personal computers as we know them. That's Steve Wozniak for you, the merry prankster of the computer age and the affable genius behind Apple's earliest creations. The Mercury News sat down with ...

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Certain people prefer to prank call Woz

Leander Kahney has some odds and ends at his Cult of Mac blog, stuff that didn't make it into his column. There's the usual hardware debate, you know, the philosophical differences between Woz's hardware beliefs and Jobs' hardware demands. But there at the end, there's something totally different: a...

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Woz interviewed in Berkeley's Forefront magazine

David Pescowitz, columnist and Boing Boing coeditor, conducted a great interview of Steve Wozniak in the Fall 2005 issue of Berkeley School of Engineering's Forefront magazine. The interview includes some nifty nuggets of Wozness including why Woz's Berkeley Engineering diploma is made out to Rocky ...

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ITConversation with Woz

Steve Wozniak is the Steve that everyone likes. Sure Jobs gets most of the attention; he's the flashy in your face one. Woz has always preferred to stay in the background with his nose to the grindstone and work hard. This side of his personality makes him a favorite amongst the geeks of the world, ...

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