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Scapple for OS X is the note jotter tool many writers are looking for

You can tell Scapple was designed by a writer. It's a simple, sparse Mac app that's free of unneeded bells and whistles. Scapple comes to us from the team at Literature & Latte, the developers who are responsible for the popular Scrivener word-processing and writer's management app. While...

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The Physics of Angry Birds updated for Space

Ah, remember the early days of Angry Birds? Back when we were still fascinated by those frustrated feathered creatures and the hogs they so vehemently want to take down? That's when writer and physicist Rhett Allain published his original "Physics of Angry Birds" article, which used the origina...

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Aaron Sorkin 'strongly considering' writing the Steve Jobs biopic

Sure, why not? Sony Pictures apparently grabbed the movie rights to Walter Isaacson's recent Steve Jobs biography, and the studio has asked Aaron Sorkin to write the film. Sorkin said this past week in Los Angeles, that sure, he's considering it. "Sony has asked me to write the movie and it's s...

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NaNoWriMo: Some helpful hints and tools

This morning, I noticed a tweet from @rvbelzen that said, "As a NaNoWriMo veteran, do you have any tips for this NaNoWriMo newbie, maybe an article you wrote about it?" Most of the posts that I've done about National Novel Writing Month for TUAW have focused on the tools, not on the technique. Ba...

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Adonit Writer is avaliable now

The wait is over and the Adonit Writer first-generation iPad keyboard case is now available. You can order one for US$99.99 right now from Amazon or from Adonit directly. Hurry though, the Writer will only be available at that price until July 10 -- after that Adonit will raise it to the full pri...

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Visual Thesaurus is a great tool for writers

After I wrote a post about the changes in Lion's Dictionary app and made suggestions about how Apple could still improve it, I got a nice email from a reader asking if I would write an article about some other writing tools I use. One of my favorites is Visual Thesaurus by Thinkmap. Visual Th...

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TUAW Giveaway: Scrivener 2.0

For those of you who don't know, most of us at TUAW are big fans of Scrivener. If you're a writer -- whether it is a screenplay, novel or blog you're working on -- Scrivener should be your tool of choice. It lets you organize and format your writing projects with an ease that is unparalleled. ...

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Writers' software month: iA Writer

I posted a few days ago that October is turning out to be a wonderful month for writers who enjoy trying out new word processing software. Today I want to tell you about an iPad app.There are a ton of word processing apps for the iPad and, in my opinion, Pages is still the best by far due to the ric...

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TUAW Tips: Designing covers for the iBookstore

For budding novelists, one of the most exciting things about Apple's iBookstore is the chance to self-publish their writing and have it potentially available to the 100 million people that own iOS 4 devices. A novel is a daunting task, and once the writing is done, the hard part is over ... kinda. T...

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TUAW's Daily App: Space Miner: Space Ore Bust

Space Miner: Space Ore Bust is a terrific game for the iPhone -- it's an arcade game that's basically a one-stick shooter, where you move a ship around a 2D field (rendered in colorful 3D), collecting asteroid ore and taking down alien robots. But though the basic premise of the game is quite simpl...

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AP Stylebook comes to the App Store

If you're a journalist, writer, or editor, you've probably either heard of, used, or referenced the AP Stylebook in some way. Now, the AP has released an iPhone app of the AP Stylebook [iTunes Link]. It's searchable, allows you to make notes, and offers features for easy access of suggested writing ...

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Writer's tools: WriteRoom wreally wrocks

As you've probably gathered by now, I'm on a search for the perfect writing tool. I did a short blurb about Ulysses 2.0 a few weeks ago, I read Megan Lavey's Friday Favorite review of Scrivener with interest, and I'll have a detailed review of Storyist v2 soon -- if I can get over the writer's block...

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Version control for writers

Rachel Greenham has written a very good tutorial called 'Subversion for Writers.' If you aren't a coder, you probably aren't familiar with the popular version control system, Subversion. It allows you to work collaboratively with folks on the same files (in most cases code) without fear of overwriti...

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