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Last day to buy MacHeist Bundle

Today is the last day to buy the much coveted MacHeist application bundle. MacHeist has decided to sweeten the deal by unlocking SoundStudio early and offering $5 off any Insanely Great Tee. If you are a registered member of the MacHeist site you can also get early access to Headline (an RSS reader)...

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Software bundle offered for school-bound Mac users

If you're on your way back to school this year, or you know someone who is, a new MacToSchool software bundle could save you some cash. Featuring twelve apps ranging in appeal and actual usefulness, this bundle offers $300 worth of software for $49.95. Included in the MacToSchool package are apps li...

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WriteRoom 2.1 is available

WriteRoom, the application for "distraction-free writing," reached version 2.1 today. Changes include: Generate word counts for any part of a document. "Typewriter scrolling" setting is more flexible. Many squashed bugs Some call it gimmicky, but I've been using it since version 1.0 and e...

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WriteRoom 2.0 goes official

We reported a WriteRoom 2.0 beta from Hog Bay Software early last month, and the company has now announced an official release. Version 2.0, as you might remember, brings with it rich text editing, a live word count, saving documents wherever you please and a standard text/rich text storage forma...

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Distraction reduction for your Mac

Ah, the holidays: a time for reflection, relaxation, and finally getting your GTD feng shui into proper order. Who better to give you some leverage over the incredible source of distractions and detours that is your Mac than Merlin Mann? The 43Folders productivity guru gets focused with Leo Laporte ...

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Beta Beat: WriteRoom 2.0

We have written about WriteRoom before and were impressed with its simple idea. Today WriteRoom 2.0 beta has been released and it brings with it a number of changes. The first change you might notice is that WriteRoom is no longer free. It is now shareware with the price tag of $14.95 while in bet...

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