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WSJ: Apple testing 13-inch iPads, iPhones larger than four inches

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is testing iPads with screens measuring "slightly less" than 13 inches and also iPhones with screens larger than four inches: In recent months, Apple has asked for prototype smartphone screens larger than four inches and has also asked for screen d...

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Apple under fire in China over pornography

After recently apologizing for its warranty practices, Apple is again facing criticism in China, says a WSJ report. This latest mention of Apple in state media focuses on pornography and is part of a larger crack down on porn in the Asia nation. According to the WSJ's China Real Time Report, ...

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Phil Schiller slams Android in WSJ interview hours before new handsets are to be introduced

In another unusual move for Apple marketing: Phil Schiller slammed Google's Android OS as a "fragmented" system in a Wall Street Journal interview. The interview came just 24 hours before Samsung is set to unveil their new smartphone. The new comments also come less than a week after Phil Schil...

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WSJ: Apple cuts iPhone 5 parts order due to weak demand

A report out late Sunday night by the Wall Street Journal may have investors worried today. The paper says that Apple has cut component orders for the iPhone 5 in half due to weak demand, citing "people familiar with the situation." The WSJ says that orders for the iPhone 5's screen for the Jan...

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WSJ: iPad mini assembly has begun

A report from the Wall Street Journal suggests Asian suppliers have started mass production of components for the iPad Mini. Cited in the WSJ report are LG Display and AU Optronics, both of which are supposedly mass-producing 7.85-inch displays for the rumored tablet device. According to the ...

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Samsung 'likely to add' the iPhone 5 to its Apple lawsuit

The Wall Street Journal reports that Samsung is "likely" to add Apple's new iPhone 5 to its ongoing patent lawsuit against the company from Cupertino because, well, why not, right? Apple demolished Samsung in the recent ruling, and Samsung is now carrying out a second lawsuit against eight more...

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WSJ shares more details on Apple TV

Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal leaked information about upcoming changes to the Apple TV. A follow-up report added details that suggest Apple may be working on a set-top television box with cloud-based DVR functions. It's a concept that is very similar to a design described in a rec...

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Apple's toughest nut yet: Cable operators

This may be Apple's trickiest move in its history. We've all been wondering for a while whether Apple really is working on a next-gen Apple TV that adds "television" (cable, really) to the box. In Walter Issacson's biography of Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder suggested that the company had "fi...

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Apple gets paid for products faster than it has to pay for manufacturing

Here's yet another sign of what a great position Apple has put itself in in terms of manufacturing: According to the Wall Street Journal [paywall], the company gets paid by its customers much faster than it is required to pay its suppliers. The difference between the inflow of sales and the out...

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WSJ: iPhone future includes thinner screen, other details cloudy

Today's Wall Street Journal includes an interesting story about a screen technology that may make an appearance in the next iPhone. Based on sources in the supply chain and "people familiar with the matter," the WSJ says that LCD panel makers Sharp and LG, plus a new Japanese consortium called ...

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Orbitz profiles Mac users with pricier hotels, here's how to block

Let's try a little Gedankenexperiment here. Imagine that you sell widgets of all kinds; some are drab and functional but cheap, while others are shiny and a bit more expensive. You're looking to improve the sales of your shiny, high-margin widgets by getting them in front of the type of consumers...

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WSJ: Next iPad will have LTE, land on Verizon Wireless

The Wall Street Journal chimed in with a last minute report on the iPad that'll make Verizon Wireless customers happy. Spencer E. Ante of the Journal writes, "The new iPad will support a wireless broadband technology called LTE, people familiar with the matter have said," and Credit Suisse anal...

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Wall Street Journal: Apple testing smaller iPad

It's another day which means it's time for another iPad rumor. The latest rumor to hit the mill comes from the Wall Street Journal which claims Apple is testing a smaller, 8-inch iPad. Asian suppliers told the WSJ that Apple has showed them designs for a compact iPad with a screen resolution that ...

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WSJ: upcoming iPhone will not support 4G LTE or WiMAX

The Wall Street Journal is chiming in with a last-minute rumor suggesting the iPhone will not support 4G LTE or WiMAX. The next generation Apple handset will be a 3G only device similar to the current iPhone 4. This information contradicts a widely circulating rumor from BGR that claimed the iPho...

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Report: FCC official doubts AT&T + T-Mobile deal will sail through

An unnamed FCC official told the Wall Street Journal this week that "there's no way the chairman's office rubber-stamps" the recently announced merger between AT&T and T-Mobile USA. The official didn't go into further details, but said that the organization hadn't even begun preliminary res...

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