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Tag: wwdc 2012

Apple announces Mountain Lion will be available in July for $19.99

Apple announced that Mountain Lion will be available in July for US$19.99. Upgrades to Macs purchased as of today will be free. Any system going back to Snow Leopard can update at this price. Several of the new features for the upcoming release of Mountain Lion revolve around iCloud, includin...

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Apple shows off iCloud integration in Mountain Lion

Tim Cook is currently demoing iCloud's integration in Mountain Lion onstage at the WWDC Keynote in San Francisco. iCloud, Apple's cloud sync service, has been a big hit on iOS already, with 125 million iCloud users registered and using the service currently. On Mountain Lion, iCloud will come...

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New versions of Final Cut Pro and Aperture revealed

During the presentation of the next-generation MacBook Pro, updates to Final Cut Pro and Aperture were revealed. Thus far, the UI has been updated in Aperture and you're able to look at four times the resolution. In Final Cut Pro, 1080p footage was seen in the upper-right corner of the app with...

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Apple announces next-gen MacBook Pro with Retina display

Apple has just announced a brand new MacBook Pro model at the WWDC Keynote in San Francisco. The new notebook is still extremely small, though it's not quite as tiny as a MacBook Air -- about two times the height of a USB port, according to our friends at Engadget. The device weighs 4.46 pounds...

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New MacBook Pros announced with Ivy Bridge processors, up to 2.7GHz quad-core i7s.

Apple has announced a new line of MacBook Pros at WWDC today. The machines will have third-generation Ivy Bridge processors, up to 2.7GHz quad-core i7's. You can turbo-boost them to 3.7GHz. There will be up to 8 GB of 1600MHz memory and 60% faster integrated graphics from a Kepler GeForce GT6...

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New MacBook Air announced with Ivy Bridge CPUs, USB 3.0

Phil Schiller took the stage at WWDC 2012 this morning to announce an update to the MacBook Air. line. The new Airs feature New Ivy Bridge CPUs, up to 2GHz dual core. Inside you'll find up to 512GB of flash storage, up to 8GB of RAM and USB 3.0, which Apple says is "up to 10 times faster than U...

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App Store has 650K apps, 30B app downloads and 400M accounts

Apple kicked off WWDC 2012 with a few jokes from Siri and whole lotta sales figures. Here are the higlights from Cook's keynote: 400 million accounts in the App Store with credit cards and one-click payments 650,000 apps in the App Store 225,000 apps made just for the iPad 30 b...

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TUAW TV Live pre-keynote community chat

Happy Dub-Dub-Dee-Cee Day! All of us here at TUAW are breathlessly anticipating what words will trickle from the lips of the like of Tim Cook, Scott Forestall, and Phil Schiller in just a few short hours. To build up the anticipation, we're having a special edition of TUAW TV Live and would love f...

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The WWDC 2012 prediction post: Community edition

As we wait for Tim Cook to headline Monday's WWDC 2012 keynote, we're all getting excited about what's to come. We're dusting off the old crystal ball to see what WWDC will bring us this week. Here's what some of our TUAW bloggers predict for Monday. Plus, we want to invite you to join in as ...

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T-GAAP posts WWDC preparation gallery

If you're excited about WWDC and want to get further in the mood, point your browser to T-GAAP, where you'll find a handful of Moscone images from both inside and outside the building. It looks like dubdub prep is in full-swing, as Moscone's workers are busy getting the site ready for next we...

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TUAW TV Live: Steve and Megan redux

Just when you thought it was safe to watch Ustream and Justin TV again, here we go with another episode of TUAW TV Live. Today my guest and fellow TUAW editor Megan Lavey-Heaton and I will chat about the upcoming Apple Worldwide Developer Conference scheduled for next week in San Francisco. W...

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Urban Airship and TUAW want to give you a ride on a real airship

Urban Airship is the name behind a lot of successful mobile apps, providing push notifications, "rich push" (adding HTML, video, and more to push messages), reports and metrics on user engagement, and in-app purchase support. The Portland-based development tool provider wants to take a TUAW rea...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM: Megs and Steve show reboot

For all of the TUAW TV Live fans who came to watch Megan Lavey-Heaton and me chat about Tim Cook's prognostications last week, it was a bit of a disappointment. All of the minor technical issues of the last two-and-a-half years came to a breaking point, and the show was canceled. However, four ...

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Cocoanetics zapruders the WWDC banner

Oliver Drobnik at Cocoanetics has beautifully zaprudered this year's WWDC banner, finding app icons from Path, Star Walk, Instagram, Foursquare, and more (by "more" I mean exhaustively more). He notes that social networks have a place of prominence, as do maps and productivity with a strong e...

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The first WWDC 2012 banners go on display

Apple has begun dressing the Moscone Center in its first WWDC 2012 banners. The image above, first posted by MacRumors, shows a banner being installed that reads "WWDC2012: Where great ideas go on to do great things." There's not a lot, if anything, the banner gives away. It highlights some ...

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