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Tag: wwdc09

WWDC Demo: QuicKeys 4

WWDC isn't all about iPhone apps. Long before the iPhone was a twinkle in Steve's eye, WWDC was all about developing for the Macintosh. I had a chance to sit down with the guys behind QuicKeys, a venerable Mac app that will save you a lot of time on repetitive typing tasks. I got a look at the be...

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WWDC Demo: iTreadmill

iTreadmill (App Store link) is a pedometer app for your iPhone or iPod touch. I spoke with the developer, who demoed the app for us at WWDC. It looks nice, appears to perform well, and features a respectable number of ways to customize and tune the readings. Pedometer apps may not save the world, ...

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WWDC Video: AOL's Christina Wick on developing for Macs, iPhones

I had a moment to talk to Technical Director Christina Wick at WWDC. She told us about the Mapquest app, plus a cool lifestreaming feature coming soon to AIM. Christina was featured in a video by Apple about developing on the iPhone, and it's clear AOL has embraced the platform, with several apps ...

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WWDC Live: Ross Carter and Pagehand, typography-aware word processor

Ross Carter of Cocomot has a pretty cool new word processor, Pagehand, in the works. It reads and writes in PDF format, so you don't have to think twice about sending a document to anyone; they may not be able to edit it -- depending on the software they're running -- but you're pretty much guarante...

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WWDC Quick/Cut: Dave Teare of Agile Web Solutions on 1Password

We, of course, had lunch with our favorite Canadian developers at WWDC. Talking with Dave, Roustem and the rest of the crew from Agile Web Solutions is something I look forward to anytime we're all in San Francisco. I didn't film the whole lunch; being filmed eating is almost as awkward as eating al...

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WWDC Live: Black Pixel demos 2 new games

The guys from Black Pixel stopped by to demo 2 upcoming games they're working on, both for kids: one for very young children, and one targeted at a slightly older set, which I assume ranges up to at least 30, given that it has me pretty excited. I'm neither young (by my standards), nor a gamer, but ...

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WWDC Live: Serguei Beloussov, Parallels CEO

Serguei Beloussov, CEO of Parallels, was gracious enough to sit down with us to talk about his take on the Keynote, WWDC in general and some enhancements which were announced at the Parallels shindig at Jillian's. The acoustics in the room were very echo-y and I picked up a lot of air noise and fire...

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WWDC Live: Adrian Kosmaczewski

We featured the work of Adrian Kosmaczewski last year, when he helped out WWDC '08 attendees with a script he whipped up to convert the AJAX-based schedule to an iCal .ics file. Now a full-time iPhone developer, we caught up with him at WWDC '09 to talk about iPhones and iPhone development from San...

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WWDC Live: Parallels demo at Jillian's

We'll be posting an interview with Parallels CEO Serguei Beloussov shortly, but here's a peek at what Parallels can do on a Mac Pro. The video shows some impressive 3D rendering happening inside of two separate Vista virtual machines running simultaneously with OS X 10.5. The essence of the pitch i...

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WWDC Live: Jon Gotow of St. Clair Software

I was excited to speak with Jon Gotow of St. Clair Software, creator of Default Folder X, which is an invaluable tool to me. He is also an important voice in the OpenMeta debate and evolution happening right now, which will get its own article in the near future. He attended WWDC with his son, Ben ...

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WWDC Live: Andrew and Phil from Evernote

This video is from a chat I had with Phil and Andrew, CEO and Lead Mac Developer for Evernote, respectively. We covered Evernote when it first came out a while back, and it's been fun to watch it evolve since then. We talked about WWDC and recent Apple news, as well as some upcoming improvements in ...

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WWDC Live: ds MediaLabs at the iPhone Intelligence Party

Ben Stahlhood of ds MediaLabs presented 3 new iPhone games to TUAW when I met him at the iPhone Intelligence Party at WWDC. A 3-D version of LightRiders (think TRON), a carnival game and a role playing game designed to get role players out of the basement and into the world. Have fun watching! Up...

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WWDC Live: AJ From Marketcircle

AJ, CEO of Marketcircle (Billings, Daylite, Daylite Touch) sat down with us to talk about WWDC, new iPhones, Snow Leopard and the upcoming Billings Touch, which I'm personally pretty excited about. Read the rest of the post for the video of our chat. I apologize to AJ and our readers for what is, by...

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Devs at WWDC: Show us your apps!

Are you attending WWDC? Do you have a Mac desktop or iPhone app you'd like to show the world? Well join TUAW on June 11 at the Metreon (the big silver building right next door to the Moscone, where Jillian's is housed), where we'll have a camera ready for your close-up. We'll have a small table near...

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WWDC Live: Dan Wood, Karelia Software

One of the first developers I got a chance to sit down with at WWDC was Dan Wood of Karelia Software, makers of the website-building app, Sandvox. I got his thoughts on the Keynote and the state of Mac software development. He's recently been blogging about marketing for developers and working to st...

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