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Tag: wwdc2006

WWDC sessions available to all ADC members on iTunes

Back in October, Apple dropped DVDs as their distribution system of choice for WWDC sessions and presentation slides. The company moved all this content to iTunes - but only for Select and Premiere members of the ADC (Apple Developer Connection). Today I just received an ADC email titled "Watch M...

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WWDC sessions on iTunes

Apple has traditionally made available DVDs of WWDC session to attendees, however, this tradition is no longer. DVDs are so last century, friends. We live in a brave new world of jetpacks, hovercars, and large electronic means of distributing video. That's right, Apple is making videos of the sessio...

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Leopard: what we got and what we wanted

Chris Breen has written a nice follow up piece about Macworld's predictions for Leopard. The article lists the things that Apple delivered on, and the things they didn't. Granted the editors just listed things they wanted to see and not things that they were sure were going to see the light of day, ...

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Flickr Find: WWDC is a no blog zone

John Gruber, a man who knows his cheesesteaks as well as his Macs, is on the scene at WWDC and is armed with his camera. He took the picture above and posted it to Flickr. Notice it says, 'Please ensure that your communications with others outside WWDC 2006, including your blogs, do not contain an...

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2006 WWDC Keynote now available on

Go forth and stream the WWDC Stevenote, my good friends. It is now available in glorious QuickTime. Thrill as the Mac Pro is announced. Marvel as Mail is demoed. Swoon as Steven says 'Boom.' Thanks, Kurt....

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WWDC 2006 banner

Our good friends at Engadget came across this picture of a 2006 WWDC banner in Moscone Center (that' where WWDC takes place in sunny SF). So, what does this banner tell us? Well, that thing that looks like a G5 tower probably contains an Intel chip (I assume) which might be 64 bit (hence the 64 bit...

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WWDC sessions announced

Tell your OS X developer friends (though I bet they know already), Apple has posted information about the sessions at this year's WWDC. There are three different kinds of sessions (each link leads to a list of the sessions under that topic): Presentation Sessions Hands-on Sessions Hands-on ...

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Sneak preview of Leopard at WWDC

Are you dying for a sneak peek at Leopard, the next incarnation of OS X? If so, book a ticket for San Francisco in mid-August. Apple has announced, on its site and by email to customers, that it will offer a preview of OS X Leopard at  WWDC 2006, scheduled for August 7-11. The Apple site briefl...

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