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Tag: wwdc2008

WWDC 08 session videos available

In case you missed WWDC 08 because of a project deadline, the impending birth of your first child, or you just couldn't make it, Apple Developer Connection now has the conference sessions available on video. The videos aren't cheap -- each track (iPhone, Mac, or IT) costs $499, or you can get all of...

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WWDC '08: Charlie Wood (Spanning Sync)

I have officially managed to finish sorting and editing all of the footage from WWDC. The last video in our series is a chat with Charlie Wood from Spanning Sync. He managed to make it to an early appointment at my hotel on the morning I was leaving, despite having made the most of a large-scale bas...

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WWDC '08: Boinx + TheCodingMonkeys = BoinxTV

We heard from TheCodingMonkeys last week, and there was mention of a joint project with Boinx Software. Being a big fan of Boinx software (iStopMotion, Mousepose, Fotomagico), I couldn't wait to see what they had up their sleeves. The project is called BoinxTV, and it's going to be an invaluable t...

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ScreenSteps 2.1 released, interview with Blue Mango

Screensteps, the software documentation generator we've come to love, has reached an official 2.1 status and has been released into the wild. Well, as wild as software documentation gets, anyway. This gem is a TUAW favorite and I'm personally very psyched about the new upload-to-blog feature, which...

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WWDC '08: Justin Williams and Today 1.2

Second Gear's Justin Williams released Today 1.2, um ... today. Justin (also known for PocketTweets) says he's shooting for a release every month -- just to keep things lively -- but he's managed to pack some big upgrades in despite the tight timeframe. You'll find a few nice UI tweaks and some mass...

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WWDC '08: Jeff Mancuso (Magnetk)

ExpanDrive made a pretty good stir when it was released. If you haven't seen it, it's an application that allows remote SFTP servers to be mounted (using MacFUSE) and used seamlessly as part of the filesystem. We've been following it as it develops and I wanted a chance to talk to its developers abo...

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(Post) WWDC '08: Vara Software

I missed my chance to meet up with Vara Software at WWDC, which I was lamenting even before they went and won two Apple Design Awards, including Best Mac OS X Leopard Application. I called Paul Carnine, Vara's founder and one of its developers, to talk about the achievement, Vara Software in general...

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WWDC '08: Agile Web Solutions (1Password)

Dave and Roustem from Agile Web Solutions, authors of the form-filling powerhouse known as 1Password, were happy to talk about WWDC, Mac development and the future of 1Password and its upcoming iPhone counterpart. We've taken quite a few notes as 1Password has developed, and while I love the iPhone ...

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WWDC '08: Mike Lee (Tapulous)

Mike Lee (yes, the self-proclaimed world's toughest programmer) has a new project called Tapulous. Last time we spoke with Mike, he was part of Delicious Monster but has since moved his focus to the iPhone. Tapulous includes several prominent names from the jailbreak community (including Polar Bear ...

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WWDC '08: Polar Bear Farm

I had a quick chat with Guy Horrocks from Polar Bear Farm on his way out of the Keynote. The video quality is well below our prestigious TUAW standards, and for that I apologize. Regardless, it's a pleasure to talk to a member of a team which has been delivering functionality deemed by many to be mi...

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WWDC '08: 280 North

The guys who comprise 280 North aren't actually working on any Mac applications. I tracked them down because what they are doing -- bringing the quality and usability of the Mac experience to the web -- is remarkable. Their web application, 280 Slides, turns making beautiful, web-based presentations...

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WWDC '08: Gravity Applications

We gave Niclas and Martin from Gravity Applications a chance to talk about their latest (finished) project: Searchlight. It's an exciting application that provides a web interface to your system-wide Spotlight database, allowing any web browser on any platform (including your iPhone) to search, prev...

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WWDC '08: TheCodingMonkeys

Amongst my WWDC fumbles was the decision to conduct an interview in Yerba Buena park, adjacent to a main drag. At the time, it seemed like the best available option. Really. Martin and Dominik from TheCodingMonkeys (mentioned here on occasion) are the casualties of that blunder, but I managed to com...

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WWDC '08: VMWare Fusion

Pat Lee from VMWare sat down with me to share the latest news on the VMWare Fusion 2.0 beta. Among the big new features: the ability to run 10.5 Server as a virtual machine. Check out the interview after the jump, and check out the VMWare blog for some 10-screen virtualization fun. There's a feature...

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WWDC '08: Interview with Todd Ditchendorf

Kicking off our WWDC 2008 interview series is a chat with Todd Ditchendorf, developer of Fluid. We caught up with Todd shortly after the Keynote and offered him a penny for his thoughts. We covered thoughts on the iPhone, Mobile Me, the future of Fluid and more. The interview took place before our l...

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