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WWDC Interview: Clickable Bliss

Victor Agreda, Jr. (Editor-in-Chief, The Unofficial Apple Weblog) interviews Michael Zornek of Clickable Bliss at WWDC 2011. Michael was kind enough to tell us about his thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their plans moving forward. Clickable Bliss makes ProfitTrain...

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Apple releases WWDC 2011 videos

WWDC 2011 session videos are now available in iTunes. These HD videos can be downloaded and viewed for your developing pleasure but require paid program credentials to access. All material in the sessions remains under Apple's confidential information NDA. Have fun, and we'll see you back in t...

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How iTunes Match solves my obscure downsampling problem

I have a longstanding audio quality problem with iTunes -- but iTunes Match will finally resolve it for me. Hurray! Hopefully this post will help others in the same situation. It all starts with the sad fact that I'm a perfectionist idiot about audio quality, so I still buy CDs and rip them mys...

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No comment: WWDC wristbands

We're pretty sure that these are for WWDC attendees who will be at the annual beer bash tonight, and not meant to be attached to devices that are loaded with REDACTED (iOS 5)... Somebody at Apple has a very good sense of humor. Overheard at WWDC: "How do I know if I'm drunk enough to wear it?...

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TUAW TV Live: Steve and Rich talk Lion, iOS 5 and food

OK, maybe we won't get around to talking about food, although the two of us are both accomplished chefs, but we'll certainly be talking about the two new major operating system versions that will be shipping later this year. In July, of course, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is slated to drop from Cupert...

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Wi-Fi Sync and Wi-Fi Sync: An amazing coincidence? You decide

About a year ago, we told you about Greg Hughes, a British university student and iOS developer. Hughes created the jailbreak app Wi-Fi Sync (US$9.99), which gives your iPhone the capability to "wirelessly sync with iTunes at the touch of a button." The app was turned down by Apple last May, at...

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2011 Apple Design Award winners announced

The 2011 Apple Design Award winners have been announced at WWDC. Although the Mac got left off the radar last year, in 2011 Apple's chosen to recognize greatness in all of its platforms. Winners get a MacBook Air, iPad 2, iPod touch and a snazzy trophy. They also get heaps of free coverage from s...

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Why didn't we see a Nuance announcement during WWDC?

One major rumor missing from the WWDC keynote yesterday was voice control. It was just last year that Apple purchased Siri, a popular voice companion app for iOS. Apple was also rumored to be working with Nuance to offer some form of voice control in its software. References to Nuance were re...

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Doing the Math: At $29.99, Mac OS X Lion was WWDC's most expensive product

Our own Dave Caolo pointed out something that took the rest of the TUAW team aback: at US$29.99, Mac OS X Lion was the most expensive product discussed at WWDC today. It's not as though the next version of the Mac's operating system had a lot of pricing competition at the keynote. iOS 5 will be...

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What Mac owners need to know after today's WWDC announcements

With Mac OS X Lion coming in July and the free iCloud service coming in the fall, owning a Mac is about to get a whole lot more exciting. Today's WWDC keynote was full of announcements about the new services Lion and iCloud will offer, and whether you're a Mac newbie or an old hand, it's worth ...

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What iOS 5 owes to jailbreak developers

There are a lot of apps that will be replaced -- or at least have some very heavy competition -- from the new features in iOS 5. It's easy to look around the App Store and see developers that have been 'Sherlocked' by Apple's inclusion of their functionality in the core OS; Twitter clients in par...

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Automatic Downloads now live for iOS devices

WWDC has just kicked off for 2011, but you can get a little bit of the Apple iCloud newness right now in the form of automatic Application, Music and Book downloads. Launch Settings on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, scroll down to Store and wait for the new options to load (you'll need to b...

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iOS 5 beta 1 ready for download. Kind of.

Developers, get your [REDACTED] on. iOS 5 beta 1 is now available for download from Apple's developer site. You must be a paid $99/year developer to gain access to this beta. Sign in with your dev credentials to gain access. The beta is, as always, released under the terms of Apple's NDA. For ...

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iOS iTunes, App Store apps silently updated to add Purchased button (Updated)

While everybody was gawking at the news coming in from the WWDC 2011 Stevenote today, Apple silently slipped in an update to the iOS iTunes and App Store apps. The update, which was made on Apple's servers, adds a feature that was described in the keynote -- the Purchased button. As you can s...

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Seven things iPhone users should know about today's announcment

Short of time? Intimidated by a huge sprawl of WWDC news? Here are the most important things for iPhone users to know about what changes we'll be seeing in the fall when iOS 5 is available for our phones. 1. iCloud Probably the biggest change to how we'll use our iOS devices going forward, ...

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