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Tag: wwdc2013

Apple unveils new and interactive Mac Pro site

During today's WWDC keynote, Phil Schiller gave us a rare, if not unprecedented, look at an upcoming product that won't be shipping for a while. If you saw today's keynote, you likely caught Apple's eye-catching 30-second teaser video for the next-gen Mac Pro. We reported earlier today: The M...

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TUAW TV Live Special Edition: WWDC 2013

Thanks for joining us today here on TUAW for our continuing coverage of WWDC 2013. I am joined this afternoon by renowned author, developer and TUAW buddy Erica Sadun on a special edition of TUAW TV Live. Here's the archived video for your viewing pleasure! ...

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WWDC 2013 keynote video now available for viewing

In case you missed it earlier, Apple has made the complete video of the WWDC 2013 keynote available for your viewing pleasure. You may now begin your frame-by-frame analysis... ...

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Apple updates the App Store app with a new look, features

In addition to all the other changes in iOS 7, Apple updated the App Store with a fresh look and feel. The App Store has a new kids category that sorts apps by age, which is great for parents. There's also a new feature that'll let you find apps that are popular near you. One other time-saving imp...

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New iOS SDK features for developers

Some of the iOS SDK features that were quickly touched on by Craig Federighi today sound fascinating, although we won't get details on some of them until later. Here are some that I found to be the most interesting: New multitasking APIs -- this should enable apps that you use most often to upd...

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Camera and Photo apps updated in iOS 7

We all know that the camera is one of the most popular features on the iPhone, and Apple has poured some new ideas into the camera app that should add to the joy of photography in iOS 7. At WWDC today, Apple announced that the camera app has had a completely revamped GUI. I didn't see a lot of ...

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Siri and iOS in the Car updates announced at WWDC

The next update to Siri has been announced at WWDC, bringing a new graphical user interface and improved search options. Siri will now show the sound wave of your question as you speak and features a new voice that sounds a little less HAL 9000. Users will have male and female voice options, with ...

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Streaming iTunes Radio service will be part of iOS 7

Apple has introduced a music-streaming service called iTunes Radio that'll be found natively in the upcoming iOS 7. For now, the service will be right in the Music app on iOS, and will offer up a series of featured stations (including, for the demo, a station playing the music heard at WWDC). Ju...

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Multitasking and notifications revamped in iOS 7

Tim Cook just said during WWDC 2013 that multitasking in iOS has been revamped completely. iOS 7 will now monitor your app usage even more closely than before, meaning it will have apps like Facebook pull in news and other updates in the background, getting them all ready to roll when you launch t...

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Apple unveils new version of mobile Safari for iOS 7

Apple announced some major changes to mobile Safari in iOS 7. First and most noticeable is a new full-screen look that extends the web page that you are viewing from one edge of your screen to the other. There's also an improvement in search that provides your with a smart search field when you ...

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Control Center finally brings quick toggles to iOS

OK, Apple, you got me. "It's iOS 7," I groused to our newsroom after Craig Federighi ran through the changes in Notifications. "Can we please get quick toggles for bloody WiFi, Airplane mode, etc.?" And the next thing out of Federighi's mouth was the new Control Center. Let's be real, this is...

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Apple announces iWork for iCloud

Apple's Roger Rosner announced iWork for iCloud today at WWDC. With this new iCloud tool, users will be able to fully edit Numbers, Pages and Keynote documents via their web browser regardless of the operating system they're working on. Yes, since iWork for iCloud is accessed via a browser you can...

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Apple unveils Keychain for iCloud, confirms 300 million iCloud accounts

Apple today at WWDC announced some changes to iCloud, including a new iWork for iCloud and a keychain feature that'll sync your logins across all your iOS devices. The keychain is a cloud-connected password manager that ties into Safari on the desktop and Safari on the iPad and iPhone. It'll save ...

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Apple introduces new MacBook Air models at WWDC 2013

WWDC isn't just about software, it's also about the hardware that powers Apple's esteemed software. To that end, Phil Schiller today took to the stage where he announced some welcome and exciting changes to Apple's MacBook Air lineup. First and foremost, the battery life on Apple's new MacBook Ai...

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Apple offers a sneak peek at new Mac Pro during WWDC 2013

The Mac Pro is getting a long-overdue update, and it looks like it is going to be worth the wait. The Mac Pro, available "later this year," is downright small compared to the current tower, but the specs are amazing. The Mac Pro will have Dual Workstation CPU FirePro processors, up to two times...

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