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Tag: xScope

xScope 3.5 offers Retina support, improved mirror tool

Iconfactory has released xScope 3.5 this week, with Retina support for the Retina MacBook Pro and improved mirroring that allows a Photoshop document to be mirrored while being edited. The rulers can be inverted to make measuring on dark backgrounds easier, alignment marks can be displayed on the...

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xScope 3 out today, design tool adds mirroring and other new features

My non-TUAW job is in print journalism, where I spend my nights as a designer for a newspaper in central Pennsylvania. Part of that work involves being able to estimate, from the glance at a photo in InDesign or a paper dummy, how much of a story I can fit on a page, photo dimensions and...

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xScope 2.0

If I had any talent whatsoever in the area of graphic design xScope would be a go to app in my toolbox. xScope, for those not in the know, is a great little app that makes measuring onscreen elements a snap. xScope 2.0 raises the ante by adding a Dimensions tool that works as if by magic. Turning on...

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The Iconfactory updates xScope

xScope by The Iconfactory and ARTIS software has been updated to version 1.5. It's a great utility that I'm sure many of you will find useful. It actually contains six different tools, including an on-screen ruler (aside: I actually saw a person holding a wooden ruler against a computer screen once....

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