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TUAW Guide: Xbox 360 and Mac

In many of the recent reviews of the Apple TV, the Xbox 360 was often mentioned as a competing Media Extender product. Having recently bought a 360, I thought it would be good to discover the ways in which my two pretty white boxes can work together. In this TUAW Guide to Xbox 360 and the Mac, I'm g...

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Xbox incompatible with 802.11n Airport Extreme

TUAW reader Bryan Hughes writes in to tell us that after many unsuccessful attempts, he was unable to connect wirelessly to his Xbox 360 via the new 802.11n Airport Extreme. Over at a discussion at Apple Tech Support, other users report no problem connecting their Wiis and Playstation 3s to the Airp...

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HD TV shows and movies on your XBox

The other day Microsoft announced that you will be able to buy and rent TV shows and movies directly from your XBox 360. The twist is that they are offering the videos in standard def and HD (720p will be the max resolution). Now, I know you're wondering why I am blogging about this on TUAW. What I'...

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Use your XBox 360 controller with your Mac

I don't own an XBox 360, but I hear that it is the best thing to come out of Redmond for a long, long time. Now, if you are a Mac user and an Xbox 360 owner you might be keen to hook up your XBox's controller to your Mac for some Mac gaming fun. Sadly, you have been out of luck in that regard, that ...

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Stream iLife media to your Xbox 360

If you're one of the Crazy Ones who fought their way through hordes of game-addicted line-dwellers at Best Buy to get their hands on one of those swanky new Xbox 360s, this may interest you: Nullriver -- the same company that brought you Amaryllis and PSPWare -- has developed an app called Connect36...

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