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Comcast Xfinity TV Player update offers downloads for offline viewing

Early in 2011, Comcast made video on-demand streaming to iOS and Android devices a reality, and has also been a pioneer in beaming live cable TV to mobile devices through the AnyPlay service. Now the company has updated its Xfinity TV Player app to support downloads from a number of premium chann...

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If you live in Nashville or Denver, don't sell that old iPad

Are you a Comcast customer? Do you live in Denver or Nashville? You may wish to rethink your decision to resell your old iPad when picking up the new 3rd gen model. That's because Comcast + iPad + the new AnyPlay service means your old iPad (1st or 2nd generation) can have a new life as a kitchen o...

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Hands on with AnyPlay: Live Comcast video on your iPad

Haven't heard of AnyPlay? That's not surprising. It's a small initiative slowly being introduced by Comcast into select cable markets. With it, you can watch live television over your home network on your iPad. So if your spouse is hogging the HDTV during your CW night, you can watch Supernatural u...

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Xfinity TV on your iPod, iPhone but Wi-Fi only

Version 1.5 of Comcast's Xfinity TV app for iPhone and iPod touch arrived on the App Store yesterday. The updated software allows Comcast customers to watch movies and TV shows on their iPhones or iPod touches while connected to any Wi-Fi network. Comcast added on-demand video streaming function...

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Cable TV iPad apps prove popular with customers

GigaOm has posted some interesting numbers about cable providers' apps that allow subscribers to watch TV right on their iPads. Time Warner Cable stated on its earnings call that its TWCable TV app has been downloaded more than 360,000 times in just under a month. Comcast's Xfinity TV app (out s...

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Comcast to offer 3,000 hours of live streaming content to iPad

Comcast has announced its intention to offer 3,000 hours of on-demand, streaming video content to the iPad. Details are scarce (in fact, that sentence just about wraps the story up), but we do know that the service will include both TV shows, live news and movies. How or when (other than "later this...

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Comcast turns your iPad and iPhone into a sophisticated remote

Cable giant Comcast has released its free Xfinity TV app for both the iPhone and the iPad (we first saw a prototype demo back in May). The app allows you to browse TV listings, including the massive Comcast On Demand library. You can filter shows by genre, network, resolution (SD vs. HD) and more. I...

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