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More Mac/XP woes

Recently, I detailed the trying ordeal I endured while installing Windows XP on a MacBook via Boot Camp. While many of you shared your success stories, I've found at least one other IntelMac owner who had a less-than-pleasant experience. Julio Ojeda-Zapata at the Your Tech Weblog had a dog of a time...

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Parallels Workstation beta 4 raises the bar, offers improvements

Parallels has released a 4th Beta of their much-hyped Workstation software for Intel-based Macs that allows OS virtualization (not just Windows) within Mac OS X. Improvements and fixes in this new beta include: Introduced full screen mode Introduced dual-monitor support Improved real CD/DVD...

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PC World welcomes Apple to their charts

In a move that's causing many to check out their window to see if the sky is falling, PC World has laid out a welcome mat for Apple's hardware into their Top Power PCs testing charts, thanks to Boot Camp. So far, no Macs have made the charts due to some policy quirks (they typically only test stock ...

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Boot Camp users: We're stuck in Windows

Talk about a nightmare. Several Boot Camp users have logged on to Apple's discussion boards to share their horror story: The can't boot back into Mac OS X. Forum user TChi wrote: "It all worked fine until I wanted to start up OS X. Then the startup screen never progressed. I actually left and c...

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Apple turning Windows into the new Classic?

John Gruber has posted an interesting analysis of Apple's treatment of Windows in light of Boot Camp and the rampant speculation as to the possibility of Windows virtualization built into Mac OS X 10.5, due out this fall. While many publications are cranking out guesses (regardless of their educatio...

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Your MacBook Pro is a Windows speed demon

According to Macworld's benchmarks it looks like the MacBook Pro is a Windows XP speed demon, of course, C.K. already told you this. In particular, they found Office 2002 in XP on the Pro absolutely flew. I thought that laptop was a little too businesslike. Maybe the revamped iBooks will have some c...

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A Weekend with an XP iMac

This weekend, I conducted a little experiment. I used Boot Camp to boot my 17-inch 1.83GHz iMac Core Duo with 2GBs of RAM and an external 24-inch monitor in Windows XP and then I forced myself to remain in XP. I didn't reboot into OS X. Instead, I explored the Windows performance on the machine. Ove...

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Now that you've turned your Mac into a PC, turn it into a Mac again

So you've done the formerly impossible and unnecessary: installed Winders on a Mac. Cool, best of both worlds. But there you are, staring at that awful primary color, jumbo crayon, sickly plasticky XP theme. Yeah, you could use one of the many mods featured on Download Squad (please, feel free). Or ...

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TUAW Poll results: Will you dual-boot your Mac?

Many of our informal polls produce fairly even results. Not so with this one. Of the 5,228 of you who responded to the question, "Will you dual-boot your Mac," a full 50% (2,593) of you said, "absolutely." Twenty three percent of you stated that you have no need to do this and f...

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TUAW Poll: Will you dual-boot your Mac?

Now that it's easier than ever, will you dual-boot your Mac? By the time Leopard is available, this will be a piece of cake (can you imagine hopping from OS to OS as easily as Fast User Switching? A guy can dream). I know that it all depends on things like compatibility, ease etc. But all things bei...

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Boot Camp: Spread the word

Have you got a friend/relative/whatever with an Intel Mac that would love to hear about Boot Camp? Or better still: Wouldn't you just love to send this information off to that smug PC user you know, the one who always tells you that Macs are useless toys? I sure would (and already have). Apple has b...

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Ask TUAW: What will you do with Windows on your Mac?

We've seen a video of Windows on an iMac in action, and this weekend Dave Caolo posted the results from our poll that found the greater majority of TUAW readers were happy, at least to some degree, that Windows XP can run on a Mac. Now we want to ask: what are you going to do with it? Are you an ent...

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XP on a MacBook Pro

You had to know that XP on a MacBook Pro would quickly follow the same on an iMac. Nirlog has a nice, step-by-step how to, including links to the files you'll need to get the job done. Stop worrying about VirtualPC and enjoy the dual-boot goodness. [Via Make]...

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TUAW poll results: XP on an iMac

We asked, you answered. How do you feel about XP on an Intel iMac? The results of our unscientific poll were as follows: 33% of respondents said "pretty cool" 26% of respondents thought the news was "freakin' sweet" 22% of respondents were indifferent towards the whole ...

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TUAW Poll: XP on an iMac, What do you think?

Well, it's official. Two enterprising young geeks have gotten Windows XP to run on an Intel-based iMac. So, what do you think, dear readers? Are you excited about the prospect of being able to ditch your Windows box, KVM switch, miles of cables and all that hassle? Or, on the other hand, does the ve...

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