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Mac Pro and Xserve firmware, restore CD updated

Mac Pro and Xserve owners, take note -- Apple has released the following updates today: Xserve EFI Firmware Update 1.2 for Xserve (Early 2009) Improved compatibility with virtualization products utilizing VT-d Improved system reliability during the boot process Mac Pro EFI Firmware Updat...

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Mac Pro gets a speed bump, Xserve has new storage options

After the introduction of the new 27" Intel Core i7 iMac in October, a lot of us in the Mac world were puzzled by the lack of a new higher-end Mac Pro. After all, the Mac Pro has traditionally been the most powerful Mac with the highest level of expandability. This morning, Apple quietly announce...

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Apple posts two new updates

Just days after all the hardware updates on Tuesday, Apple has posted two new support downloads. The first, Pro Applications Update 2009-01, contains several updates for applications in Final Cut Studio. This update includes Final Cut Pro 7.0.1, Motion 4.0.1, Soundtrack Pro 3.0.1, Color 1.5.1, an...

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Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Server pricing is good for business

In this morning's rush to figure out what had changed at the Apple Store, one of our readers pointed out that Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Server (US$499 for an unlimited license) was priced lower than Leopard Server (US$999 for unlimited users). While this is nothing new -- we've known about the pric...

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Tolis Group announces BRU Server 2.0 update; system admins rejoice

When a Leopard user wants a backup of the data on her computer, she might just attach an external hard disk to her machine and let Time Machine perform its magic. But how do you do backups for Xserves or large groups of Mac users? In many cases, you use tape libraries attached to servers, client sof...

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Apple unveils Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server, cuts price in half

If you have Mac servers in your business, you weren't left out of the Snow Leopard fun during the keynote earlier today. Apple also announced that Mac OS X Server 10.6, A.K.A. Snow Leopard Server, will be shipping in September. Like Snow Leopard, the server version of the OS provides 64-bit support...

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Apple building server farm, secret lair in North Carolina

As Mike mentioned in the news roundup yesterday, word is going around that the corporate overlords at Apple are planning to build a massive server farm in the state of North Carolina within the next decade or so. How do we know? Because the company is working on getting a few nice tax breaks to go a...

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Xserve gets a performance boost

Astute readers noticed some Apple store downtime earlier this morning. While I was hoping for something soaked in Unicorn tears, I guess I'll settle for a drool-worthy Xserve update. The rumors were right on target, and the new Xserve sports Intel's "Nehalem" Xeon processor (just like the recent ...

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Rumor: Xserve refresh coming up soon

MacRumors is calling attention to a PC World report: new Nehalem-based Xserve models are expected soon, based on a slipup on Apple's Hong Kong site (gotta watch those ALT tags, folks!). The replacement units for Apple's Harpertown and Penryn Xeon-based rackmount gear should be able to leverage the...

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Apple Xserve Field Guide

Attention Xserve administrators: Apple has created an Xserve Field Guide web app that can you can use to jog your memory when you're standing in front of a server and can't remember how to perform some manual task. The web app is designed to be viewed on a Mac, iPhone, or iPod touch, and requires Sa...

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Security Update 2008-004

Along with the 10.5.4 update, Apple has just released Security Update 2008-004 for users of Mac OS X Tiger (10.4). According to Apple, the update "is recommended for all [Mac OS X Tiger (10.4)] users and improves the security of Mac OS X." You can download this update for the following systems: ...

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Psystar tests luck with OpenServ rackmount servers

Amazingly, the commercial hackintosh maker Psystar (whose efforts in building non-Apple machines running OS X we've covered at some length) still hasn't been beat down by Apple Legal and now they're back for more. They are releasing the OpenServ series of rackmount servers which they offer with a v...

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Apple releases Xserve EFI Firmware Update 1.1

Apple just released an update for the Xserve. This EFI firmware update helps "improve the stability of Xserve computers," so if your Xserver has had stability issues, maybe this is just the update you've been praying for. The Xserve EFI Firmware Update 1.1 can be downloaded by using Software Upd...

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Apple drops Xsan update 2.1

If you use Xsan, then you might want to take note of the new update that Apple dropped yesterday. Apple updated Xsan Admin, Xsan Filesystem and the Xsan Uninstaller to version 2.1. According to the update note, the Xsan Filesystem update fixes: Metadata controller reliability Using and valid...

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Update Tuesday continues with Firmware Restoration CD 1.6

With three other software updates out the door today already, you could have forgiven Apple for not providing a fourth. However, Apple has also released an updated Firmware Restoration CD (version 1.6) for for a number of Mac models: Xserve (Early 2008) MacBook (13-inch Late 2007) iMac (20-...

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