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iOS app updates for June 22

The following iOS apps received updates in the App Store: Infinity Blade Version 1.3.1 was released with the following changes: A new content pack, Infinity Blade: Arena. Added a Simplified Chinese translation to the game Updated translations for French, Italian, German and Spanis...

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Yahoo! Messenger lets iPad 2 owners video chat with PCs

Yahoo! rolled out a new Messenger app for iOS that includes support for the iPad 2. The tablet-optimized app will let you make voice and video calls using the front-facing camera. Yahoo! Messenger has a wide install base, and you will be able to make video calls to any device with a camera and ...

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Yahoo! Mesenger app updated, offers free voice and video calling

The Yahoo! Messenger app has received a pretty significant upgrade today -- the app now lets you make video and voice calls to Yahoo! Messenger friends. That has a few interesting outcomes, the first of which is that you can now make video calls from any iPhone running iOS 4.1 to anywhere with a Ya...

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T-Mobile HTC Slide to provide non-FaceTime video chat with iPhone 4

FaceTime is one of the most visible features of the iPhone 4, with much of the advertising for the newest iPhone showing off the emotionally-rich video chat capabilities that FaceTime provides. But if your friends are on another network or don't have an iPhone 4, it's impossible to use your phone to...

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Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0 Beta 2

After months of waiting Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0 Beta 2 is now available for download. New in this version of the beta are: Tabbed conversations, as pictured above Access to Yahoo! Chat rooms More emoticons (to combat those times when there isn't an emoticon available to express how you...

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CamCamX: Spice up your video chats and get more out of them

For those who want to spice up their video conferences and would like to use their iSight (or other webcam) with more than one application simultaneously, CamCamX might just be the app for you. Offering an old-school UI for mixing movies and images into your video conferences, CamCamX allows you ...

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Yahoo! Messenger team needs your input

It's a question that keeps many developers up at night: should they maintain backward OS compatibility at the expense of release speed and new features, or just dump support for older releases in the interest of getting out a new version as quickly as possible? The Yahoo! Messenger for Mac team is f...

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Yahoo! Messenger sneak peek

There was a time when Yahoo! Messenger on OS X, well, sucked. That time has long since passed thanks to the great Mac focused team that Yahoo! has created (the Mac team may be small, but they are passionate). I was able to sit down with Matthew Skyrm, Director of Product Management for Yahoo! Messen...

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Infinite Loop interviews Yahoo! Messenger dev

When we first came across the beta of Yahoo! Messenger 3 we were impressed. This feels like an OS X app, not some crappy Windows port! Then we pretty much forgot about the whole thing, but Jeff Smykil at Infinite Loop didn't. He wanted to know why Messenger suddenly didn't suck on the Mac, and he wa...

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