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Missing Sync for Palm 6.0 adds Yojimbo notes, Treo SMS, and more

As a Palm user I've been jealous ever since Missing Sync for Windows Mobile added support for syncing notes from Yojimbo last year. Fortunately, Mark/Space has finally stepped up to the plate and the newly released version 6.0 of Missing Sync for Palm adds Yojimbo syncing as well (Mark/Space's own N...

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SOHO Notes updated to version 6

SOHO Notes, the information manager/junk drawer application from Chronos, has hit version 6 and adds some nice new features. Perhaps in response to Yojimbo, there is new keyword and smart folder functionality. There's also new support for scanning directly into SOHO Notes a la Yep, as well as new cu...

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TUAW Podcast #24: Journler

[Update 2: The direct download link is working fine now, and I pinged the iTunes Store to check our podcast feed again, so it'll take a little time for them The iTunes Store feed has updated so we're good to go. I hope you enjoy the podcast - and of course Journler if you give it a whirl - and pl...

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The Little Things: Drag and drop

TUAW reader Chris Roberts was right: it's been far too long since our last post in The Little Things series, so I figured I'd pick up the slack with a really handy feature of Mac OS X: drag and drop. Sure, most OSes these days can drag and drop at least some things, but Apple has gone to great len...

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TUAW Tip: force Spotlight to re-index some apps

I recently was fortunate enough to upgrade to a MacBook Pro, which means my wife can now get her mobile on with a MacBook. After I moved everything over and got to work with the new machine, I noticed some strangeness with Spotlight and Yojimbo: apparently, thanks to some quirk of bits and bytes, Ap...

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Yojimbo 1.4.1

While it isn't a major release that adds big features like tagging or AppleScript support, Yojimbo 1.4.1 does fix a lot of miscellaneous bugs that users have been battling. A full changelog is here, listing fixes for things like crashes when viewing web archives and some scripting operations, as wel...

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Clear out 3rd party .Mac sync items with Syncrospector

.Mac Sync Services leave much to be desired in the management department - Apple provides no UI for removing them once you no longer use an application, and you don't have many options for troubleshooting when things go south. Until now. A user named kohlmannj at the indispensable macosxhints figu...

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AppleScript brings iPod syncing to Yojimbo

On the Yojimbo mailing list, Steve Kalkwarf has shared an AppleScript he built that can send Yojimbo items tagged 'ipod' to the notes section of (surprise!) an iPod. Steve gave his permission to redistribute the script so we're hosting it here at TUAW to help keep the load off his servers. It's actu...

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Yojimbo gets a 3-pane widescreen hack

You can't say I've never blogged anything I don't like - remember that three-pane widescreen plugin for Well, Jon Hicks (yeah, that Jon Hicks) has brought the same window paradigm to Yojimbo with a little hack. Now you too can be the proud owner of a three-pane, widescreen Yojimbo. The h...

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Yojimbo 1.4 released with AppleScript support

Bare Bones Software has released version 1.4 of Yojimbo, their "effortless information organizer" that is oh so popular with the kids these days. To summarize the press release, the main new addition is long-requested "extensive" support for automation via AppleScript and Perl. Also in this release ...

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Import bookmarks into Yojimbo via AppleScripts

Kenneth Kirksey has posted two AppleScripts on the Yojimbo mailing list for importing your bookmarks into Yojimbo, complete with all your tags. You can get these scripts from the mailing list archives of course, but Kenneth gave me permission to host both of them here on TUAW to make thi...

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AppleScripts for integrating Safari, NetNewsWire, and Yojimbo - oh my!

I don't know how I missed this post at Hawk Wings a few weeks ago, but I am glad I found it at least sooner or later: Tim Gaden has been keeping a watchful eye on the Yojimbo mailing list, and he caught a set of scripts written by Dylan Damian that can take a link from either Safari or NetNewsWire, ...

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Missing Sync for Windows Mobile syncs Yojimbo notes

Due to a SonyEricsson phone that recently passed away, I took a leap of faith and purchased a Windows Smartphone device, primarily because I want push email and I think the BlackBerry OS was beaten beyond death with a fugly stick (yes, I know it's still all the rage with the kiddies these days). De...

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Yojimbo 1.3 brings tagging, loads of new features

Late last week, Bare Bones released an update to their excellent junk drawer app, Yojimbo, bringing it up to verison 1.3. I was going to post about it, but a hiccup in my database was preventing me to use the new version (I blame recent .Mac errors, as I'm having all sorts of syncing issues with oth...

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Yojimbo: Made possible by Tiger

The Apple Developer Connection spoke with the folks at Bare Bones about Yojimbo, their application for organizing just about everything, and how Apple technologies made it possible. Core Data, Sync Services, and Cocoa created the perfect storm, in the form of Tiger, that combined to form Yojimbo, af...

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