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YouTube Find: WWDC sing along with Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller

WWDC kicks off next week, so let's prepare with an autotune version of Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller singing about WWDC from iTunedSteveJobs. You'll be humming the song all day ... for better or worse. ...

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YouTube Find: The best viral Apple Store videos from the past 13 years

This week marks the 13th anniversary of the opening of the first two U.S. Apple retail stores in May of of 2001. To commemorate this noteworthy occasion, we gathered some of the top viral videos involving Apple Stores, both real and fake. We will kick off this compilation with the vintage Steve Jobs...

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YouTube Find: A crushing look at the iPhone 5s

There is no shortage of videos on YouTube that show the iPhone being blown up, blended or otherwise destroyed under extreme violence. Those videos have their own charm, but I enjoy this slow-motion recording from Dbrand that shows an iPhone 5s being crushed. Unlike its more brutal counterparts, th...

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YouTube Find: Animals go insane over the iPad

We all know how much cats love the iPad, but did you know that dogs, birds and lizards love it, too? Check out this entertaining compilation video below showcasing our furry and not-so-furry friends enjoying some quality time with everyone's favorite tablet. ...

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YouTube Find: Robin Williams' side-splitting Siri impression

Comedian and actor Robin Williams impersonates Siri and transforms her into a French man in this hilarious clip from The Ellen Show. ...

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YouTube find: 10,000 iPhone "dominoes"

This clever animation from Atama Studio was produced to illustrate the potential of NFC on the iPhone 5. You'll notice that, as each CG iPhone falls, it triggers the image on the phone next to it. The effect is most dramatic at the end, when a huge grid of fallen iPhones create a single "display" ...

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YouTube find: Macintosh Jr.

"It said 'public.' I changed it." This is an old parody from Saturday Night Live that still makes us laugh. Watch as Zach's project for Mrs. Hanson blows the other kids away. It's an odd project, though: a dinosaur eating a soldier, an airplane crashing into a vocation and a nuclear explosion. Wh...

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