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OMG, is that thing what I think it is?

Serbian sculptor Dragan Radenovic unveiled his Steve Jobs tribute in Belgrade yesterday according to Business Insider. Clearly inspired by the neo-Roccoco-Pez-Bauhaus school, the new sculpture succeeds at both being scary art and a scrumptious candy dispensing dessert treat! Image via Business...

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YouTube find: Macintosh Jr.

"It said 'public.' I changed it." This is an old parody from Saturday Night Live that still makes us laugh. Watch as Zach's project for Mrs. Hanson blows the other kids away. It's an odd project, though: a dinosaur eating a soldier, an airplane crashing into a vocation and a nuclear explosion....

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YouTube for iOS updated with WiFi quality selection streaming

Google has been busy pushing out updates for its major iOS apps. First was the update to Google Maps yesterday, and the YouTube app gets a change. This is the app's first update since iOS 7 launched, so it includes the expected "iOS 7 compatibility improvements" as well as Accessibility...

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Spin looks to bring high-fidelity group video chatting to iPhone and iPad

For the past year, three relatively low-profile but intriguing iPhone and iPad apps from developer Net Power & Light have graced the App Store: Together Talks, Together Justice and Together Learn are all built on the company's core Spin technology. Each app provides a collaborative video chat...

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Mac App of the Week: MPlayerX offers multi-format playback for OS X

MPlayerX (free) is one of those fabulous utilities like VLC, NicePlayer and MPEG Streamclip that seems to have ended up on my Mac as a must-have playback app. It offers an OS X wrapper around FFmpeg and MPlayer libraries. These enable it to handle a wide range of media codecs without requiring you...

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Video: The 5s slow-mo revolution begins

Yoni Heisler found this slow-motion video on YouTube this morning. It showcases the 5s' new 120fps video capture. The recorded segments, which include vegetable juggling and knife skills, look pretty fabulous in our opinion. The quality of the light on the accelerated shots and the overall image...

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YouTube mobile app will soon offer offline viewing

In a rare instance of non-iOS 7 related news, YouTube announced on Wednesday that it plans to implement a new mobile feature that will enable users to view YouTube videos offline. According to All Things Digital, the feature will allow users to store video on their mobile device for up to 48 hours...

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Dollar Store Accessories: Flip stand case

Not every Dollar Store accessory is going to be a great success and, sadly, this case with a built-in stand was an utter piece of crap. I selected it for review because I rather liked the notion of a flip stand, especially for watching YouTube videos and the like. The case clicked onto my 4S...

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WSJ: Vevo heading to Apple TV as soon as this week

In the early 1980s, everyone wanted their MTV. It was 24 hours a day of music videos interspersed with snappy repartee from cool VJs. But MTV went the direction of reality TV, and the world lost the fun of discovering new bands and songs. Now Vevo is on the way; it's a joint venture between Sony...

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Google announces new YouTube for iOS with multitasking

Google has just made it easier to never stop watching videos on your iOS device. Today the company launched the latest update of the iOS version of YouTube, bringing with it the ability to multitask within the app. Bow down, you gods of self control. The multitasking feature allows users to...

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TUAW on YouTube Geek Week: Stupid WeMo Tricks

YouTube fans rejoice! It's Geek Week, which means that you can get your geeky groove on by checking out all of the best nerd-produced videos on the Web. TUAW has provided four videos for your Geek Week enjoyment on Brainiac Tuesday -- that's today -- and we've got 'em on the YouTube TUAWVideo...

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YouTube iOS app updated with suggestion overlays

An update to the YouTube app introduces in-video suggestions about what to watch next. The banner ads are super-imposed over the video you're watching. The suggestion can be dismissed by tapping an "X" that appears next to the text. Google calls this InVideo Programming, and it is pretty easy...

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Full WWDC 2013 keynote now on Apple's YouTube channel

Apple has posted the WWDC 2013 keynote to its YouTube channel in its entirety. The two-hour keynote saw the introduction of the new Mac Pro, new MacBook airs, the preview of OS X 10.9 Mavericks and the complete redesign of iOS 7. This is the second time Apple has posted its WWDC keynote to...

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YouTube sees mobile ad sales triple after ad-free iOS version bites the dust

Last August Apple announced it had lost its license to include the iPhone-bundled YouTube app as a part of iOS 6. Google wanted to make its own app, one that had ads, unlike the one found in iOS 5. The move appears to have been a smart one. Bloomberg reports Google has tripled its mobile ad...

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DevJuice: A real-world lesson in why you must test on-device

Dave Caolo's daughter has been working hard on a school report regarding the Everglades National Park. So he downloaded a nice-looking iPad app on the subject for her. Swiping around it looked great. And then he tapped on a video. This is what happened. In the TUAW back channel, we scratched...

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