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Debunking ZDnet on Intel and power consumption

Earlier this week, ZDnet blogger Paul Murphy posted a full-bore critique of Apple's move from PPC to Intel processors from the perspective of power consumption. By his calculations, the shift to the new processor architecture added hundreds of gigawatts to the energy cost of the Mac population, and ...

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AVG for OS X?

ZDNet reports that AVG, known for its free Windows antivirus tool, is busy developing an OS X version. Possibly. The company isn't sure whether the product will ever launch. Larry Bridwell of AVG's parent company Grisoft said "[W]e have done the [Linux] BSD version, which makes it a little bit easie...

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Apple's market share falls/rises, depending on who you ask

AppleInsider writes about a new Gartner report that states overall Mac market share has decreased in the first quarter of this year compared to the same quarter last year. However these findings conflict with an earlier news article by ZDNet based on earlier research by Gartner which suggested that ...

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