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Ballmer hearts iPhone, at least a little bit

Our friend & former colleague David Chartier has a piece up over at Ars Technica with the sordid details of one Steve Ballmer's new-found love affair (well, more of a like affair) with Apple's iPhone. Prior to the iPhone's triumphant launch, his Steve-ness (Ballmer, that is) proclaimed the iPhon...

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The zunePhone

Mark sent us this silly mockup of a zunePhone that his coworker made, complete with the signature commercial music for the iPhone (which is actually called "Perfect Timing (This Morning)" by Orba Squara, available on an iTS near you). What's up with that hand? Did he actually animate it using still...

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Found Footage: The Zune Phone

Hello? Hello! Hello? Hello! Is this thing on? Introducing the new Zune Phone, the latest competitor to Apple's iPhone. Because nothing says new and exciting technology quite like a blue-screen-of-death done up in brown. Yes, gentle readers, it's a parody. Hopefully you'll enjoy the laugh....

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ZunePhone: Part Deux

TUAW reader Rich pointed us to this hilarious RegisteredMedia iPhone parody ad, which resonated with me along much the same lines as the video where Microsoft redesigned the iPod package. Perhaps there will only ever be one Jonathan Ive. Perhaps Apple cultivates design as a goal rather than a side ...

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Everybody's a comedian

Mere moments after the keynote was over, probably as Steve loaded up the family in his iLimo, some die-hard Apple fans comedians whipped up that great ZunePhone vid. Now a knucklehead over on Flickr took the easy route, posting pics of a "dev kit" for the iPhone. Pretty easy shot to take, considerin...

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