Meet the minds behind The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

Dave Caolo (Editor)

For six years, Dave worked as the IT Director of a Mac-friendly, residential school in rural Massachusetts. Today, he's an independent technology consultant and writer. Dave has been blogging for TUAW since 2005, and believes that the benefits of technology should be accessible to everyone, not just an elite coven of geeks.

Dave also contributes a bimonthly article to The Journal of New England Technology

Occasionally, Dave gets a quote in the press. Here is a short list of what he's done so far.

  1. Wall Street Journal quote
  2. AP article regarding NBC’s The Office
  3. Australian newspaper The Age
  4. The Scranton Times

A native of Scranton, Pa (Yes, just like on The Office), Dave moved to Cape Cod, Ma in 1994. Today he's got two kids, one dog, one wife and a basement full of legacy Macs.

Michael Rose (Editor)

MikeMike has been writing for TUAW since 2006, and he's the usual host for the Sunday night live talkcast. With 20 years of experience as a publishing and IT pro, he's led many wandering PC users to the promised land of the Mac. Day-job highlights include more than a decade at Time Inc. Magazines, with stints at Entertainment Weekly (where he helped shepherd the development of EW's original website/AOL presence in the mid-1990s, and got to interview Leonard Nimoy and Tom Hanks), and the monthly LIFE; he's currently a creative director for an NYC event marketing company. 

Mike is also a frequent tech commentator on the Fox Business Network. In his spare time (ha!) he enjoys acting and voiceover work; you can see him in the indie feature Unscrewed. Mike and his family live in Brooklyn, NY; his first Mac was a 512Ke "Fat Mac," way back at the beginning, and he's never regretted it.

Steve Sande (Editor)

Steve Sande has been a Mac user since late 1984 when he bought a 512K Fat Mac. He was the IT manager of an all-Mac shop for twelve years, after which he was sucked into the hell of IBM and Windows during an outsourcing. In 2005 he started up a Mac consulting firm, Raven Solutions, LLC, and has been happily working with Denver-area Mac users ever since. He's an Apple Certified Technical Consultant and involved with local and regional activities for the Apple Consultants Network. He's attended Macworld Expo and the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference more times than he cares to admit, and was a Newton Developer for several years until he realized his programming skills were horrible.

Steve's online writing career started in 1986 when he started up a Mac and Apple IIGS bulletin board system which ran until 1994. His first website was online between 1994 and 2007, focusing on handheld computing. Steve wrote the cover stories for the first issue of iPhone Life magazine, and has been writing for TUAW since April of 2008. He's also had several ebooks published by Take Control Books, and is an occasional guest on the MacJury podcast. Steve is hoping to have the first iPhone implant performed in the near future. If you're not doing anything on Wednesday afternoons, be sure to join Steve on the weekly TUAW TV Live broadcast.

Steve lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, with his wife of 30 years and 14 year-old cat, and you can follow his life on Facebook or at

Mike Schramm (Editor)

Mike Schramm has been writing about and enjoying technology for over ten years.  He's currently a lead editor on TUAW, covering everything Apple from an irreverent viewpoint in his Mac-filled apartment in Los Angeles.  He's also a constant gamer, and when not writing up the latest apps and rumors, he writes over on TUAW's game-obsessed sister blog as well.  And he really enjoys podcasting -- you can hear him often on the TUAW Talkcast, and he occasionally guests on different shows around the 'net.  If interested, you can learn more about him and his work over at his personal website,

Michael Grothaus

Michael is a thirty-two year-old American novelist and journalist living in London. Of the films he's written and directed, one comedy aired on PBS after winning the Chicago Big Screen Film Festival, while others brought the world of art to life in children’s films for The Art Institute of Chicago. His screenplays have been optioned by Disney and his journalism has been published in several film industry publications, including Screen.

After discovering many of Hollywood’s dirty little secrets while working for 20th Century Fox, Michael left and spent five years with Apple as a consultant. Since then, he's moved to Europe and written a novel about celebrity and sex trafficking. In his free time Michael loves to travel (he's been to 30 countries in the past three years) and read (Tolstoy rocks). He's currently learning Portuguese (the r's are a killer). You can find out more about him at

Lauren Hirsch

Lauren is an attorney with an interest in all things technical. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University School of Law. She writes on topics involving science, computers and the law.  She has proudly never owned a PC, and, if left idle, tends to disassemble things and put them back together. She lives in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area with her husband and three children, where she owns a small general practice.

Megan Lavey

Megan Lavey is a freelance visual journalist and full-time fraud analyst living in the desert. She is a bibliophile, and can't pass a bookstore without somehow making her way inside. She is a 2002 graduate from the University of Alabama, and former member of the Million Dollar Band and staffer on The Crimson White. Her journalism career has taken her from Alabama to the Tennessee and Virgina border, then to Maine and finally Arizona. She currently resides in Phoenix with her cats and is preparing to marry a lifelong Linux user who happens to be British, an astrophysicist and who constantly teases her about her deep love for Apple products. But, she's still madly in love with him anyhow.

Mat Lu

Professionally Mat Lu teaches and writes philosophy; unprofessionally, he writes about the Mac and related technology. He is one of those half-mythical iPod halo switchers, having come to the fairer platform after purchasing a first generation iPod. Technologically speaking, in addition to Apple gear, he maintains an avid interest in console gaming as well as high-definition home theater. Philosophically speaking, he is a Thomistic Aristotelian in everything that matters.

Mat Lu has been writing for TUAW since December 2006 and regularly covers the Ask TUAW beat.

TJ Luoma

(Yes, I'm double jointed.)

TJ Luoma cut his computing teeth on NeXT computers back in the day when 16MB of RAM and 8MB of disk space was considered a big deal.  He helped to maintain the PEAK FTP archive for NeXTStep and OpenStep software. In 2003 he got his first iPod. In 2004 he broke off a brief-but-unfortunate relationship with Windows 2000 and jumped into the Mac OS X world.  In 2007 his contract with Sprint expired one week after the iPhone was released and his transformation to Mac user was complete when he ditched his Treo for an iPhone. (He formerly wrote for the Palm Addicts website.)

He and his wife are now the proud parents of an iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPhone 3GS, and an assortment of AirPorts and iPods.

Mel Martin

Apple guy since '77, Mac guy since '84.

Grew up in Missouri, College in Iowa, Grad School in Ohio. Was a reporter for many years (2 EMMYs, 2 Columbia DuPont Awards for journalism), then a TV News Director.

4 Years at the BBC working on computer editorial systems for the news rooms. Consulted on web based content management systems.

Consult on News Automation. Wrote book on film producer Samuel Bronston (El Cid, Fall of the Roman Empire, King of Kings) and did commentary on DVDs for El Cid and Fall of the Roman Empire. Now finishing book on Digital Photography. Avid Amateur Astronomer, many photos published. Also tutor other amateurs on digital photographic processing.

Chris Rawson

Chris Rawson is a lifelong Mac user, whose earliest computing memories involve using the Apple IIe in kindergarten waaaay back in 1982.  He is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in English down in New Zealand.

From 1995 to 1999, Chris served in the U.S. Navy as a nuclear-rated Electrician's Mate, where he performed watchstanding and maintenance duties on the electrical subsystems of an aircraft carrier's two nuclear power plants.  Subsequent to leaving the Navy, he spent two years working as a Radiation Health Physics Technician in the private sector until a contamination accident convinced him to seek work in a different field.  He was thoroughly disappointed when the radiation from the accident failed to give him any superpowers whatsoever.

From 2007 to 2008, Chris worked as an editor for PR Newswire in Cleveland, Ohio.  While working for PR Newswire he gained a modest appreciation for the workings of the U.S. media.  He also amassed an amazing repertoire of anti-Cleveland jokes.

Chris and his gorgeous wife, who at 6' 2" is six inches taller than he is, moved to New Zealand in July of 2008.  Neither of them have ever regretted it.

Ken Ray

Ken Ray is the host of the daily podcast "Mac OS Ken," covering as much Apple and Apple-related news as he can cram into 20 minutes or less. He also hosts the longer form, premium podcast "Mac OS Ken: Day 6."

Ken's tech news work has included writing for "Business Radio 1220/KBPA" in San Francisco (now defunct), writing for the magazine "Global Technology Business" (now defunct), and hosting a daily shift on "Tech TV/Radio," which most people didn't know existed (and is now defunct).

Ken used a Mac in high school and college in the 1980s and 1990s, got jobs in the real world that thought Macs were overpriced toys, and has been solidly back on Mac ground since 2005.

Erica Sadun

Erica Sadun holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She has written, co-written, and contributed to dozens of books about technology, particularly in the areas of programming and digital media. An unrepentant geek, Sadun has never met a gadget she didn't need. Her checkered past includes run-ins with NeXT, Newton, and a vast myriad of both successful and unsuccessful technologies. When not writing, she and her geek husband parent three adorable geeks-in-training, who regard their parents with restrained bemusement.

Sang Tang

A modest man who happens to be good at being modest, Sang enjoys all of the finer things in life. He is a professional autobiographer and enjoys writing about himself in the third person. In his spare time, Sang enjoys bass fishing, watching his collection of Arrested Development DVDs, and running marathons. And, oh yeah, watching Cal beat Stanford in the big game. To find out what Sang's doing -- or not doing -- tune on in at his twitter feed at @sang11

Brett Terpstra

Brett Terpstra has been tinkering with computers since he first hooked up a cassette recorder up to a PC Jr. to back up his LOGO programs. A silicon journey through Commodores, Trash-80s, and a plethora of PCs finally led him to take a new look at the Mac, which he hadn't had much experience with since OS 9. Shortly after the initial release of OS X, he was ready to make the switch. Happily leaving behind BSOD's and disk defraggers, he has replaced the six PC's in his home with 5 Macs (2009 MacBook Pro, 2007 MacBook Pro, 2 minis and a G4 PowerBook) and only looks back when he has the unfortunate task of testing websites in Internet Explorer.

Brett makes his living as a web developer and graphic designer, and spends the money he earns on indie software and as many peripherals as he can lay his hands on. In what some would consider free time, he avidly pursues knowledge in the areas of design, programming, hardware hacking, personal productivity and other things that make him unpopular at parties. He does not enjoy long walks on the beach, or sleeping. You can find the results of his insomnia, among other things, at

Aron Trimble

Aron was born in Texas and never plans on leaving. Despite a Windows-only childhood, he purchased an iPod (his other MP3 players all failed) and quickly learned of the greatness of Apple hardware and software.

He currently spends his days working for a software company specializing in enterprise management applications. It is neither glamorous nor entertaining and unfortunately keeps him chained to the world of Windows. In addition to his own Mac/iPhone obsession, his entire immediate family are all owners of some form of MacBook and iPhone

In his free time Aron can be found reading TUAW, Engadget or Autoblog as well as occasionally posting to his own blog aron cares. Passionate about technology, Apple, and the many communities around them, he also enjoys photography and is a self-proclaimed HD-addict.

David Winograd

David Winograd has a Ph.D. in Educational Media and Computers from Arizona State University and an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University.  He has been playing with online communication and Apple Computers since 1979. David started one of the first themed Bulletin Board Systems in New Jersey on an Apple ][ and 6 Disk ]['s and later wheedled a decade long gig with the CompuServe information service where he did everything from file checking to running the Macintosh Community Clubhouse Forum where his first Mac was an SE/30 with an external screen. His interests include home theater, film, live theater and just about anything that plugs in and lights up. He currently lives in Woodbury, NY and loves writing in the third person.

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