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~ By: Lisa Hoover

By: XurbleHow much do you know about the future of 1Password, Magnetk, or Today? Plenty, if you've watched our videos with the developers. What are you waiting for?

We absolutely love Vara Software's ScreenFlow around here. The devs were in hot demand at WWDC after winning two Apple Design Awards, but Brett caught up with them afterward to find out how they feel about winning and what else they have on tap for Mac users.

By: XurbleCam-tastic - Brett went nuts with the video camera and got interviews all sorts of fantastic developers at WWDC. We've got news and tidbits about a new project called Tapulous,  what the guys at the Polar Bear Farm are working on, and what's up over at 280 North. Watch and learn.        

By: Xurble
Monkey business - Dominik and Martin, also known in the Mac community as The Coding Monkeys talk on-camera with Brett about the origin of Port Map, Boink live video production, and hint about what projects they're working on right now.

By: XurbleVa-va-VMware - We adore VMware Fusion because it means we never have to use anything but our beloved Macs. Brett Terpstra talked on-camera to VMware's Mike Lee to get the goods on Fusions new 2.0 beta (hint: multi-display support) and what the company's done to "take Fusion to the next level."

And the winner is... - Seventeen awards were handed out last night at WWDC during the Apple Design Awards 2008 ceremony. What apps won this year? Go find out.

And, action! - Intrepid blogger Brett Terpstra is at WWDC (lucky!) and he interviewed Fluid developer Todd Ditchendorf about what he thinks of the MobileMe announcement, whether he plans to get a new 3G iPhone, and more. We've got plenty more videos coming this week, so stay tuned!

Your choice - So, would you rather watch this year's WWDC keynote in real-time or warp-speed?

Courtesy of AppleiPhone mania - Now that the 3G iPhones have been announced, you just know there are loads of people frothing at the mouth to get theirs. We've got the goods on how to upgrade, how to (maybe) get it unsubsidized or free, when it will debut in Canada, and what to expect once you get yours.

By: DanieDVMDollars, pounds, lira - There's a couple of ways to save some cold cash on MobileMe, which is great since you'll need some extra coin to get a new plan at AT&T. If you want to know where to get a phone, check out this handy map. You'll need it, since it looks like you can't buy a new iPhone online and activate it via iTunes.

What's it all about? - We've been hearing speculation about the new service from Apple, Inc. called Mobile Me. It replaces .Mac, it lets your calendar, etc. follow you around, and it works on a Mac and Windows. But what's it actually do?

By: Daniel MorrisonWe feel your pain - Apple stock is finally picking itself up off the floor after its nosedive during the keynote. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for owners of the first-generation iPhones who are searching for what it all means. We're pretty sure that there are more than a few people out there with "old" iPhones, ticked that something they bought less than a year ago is now stale as day-old bread. Buck up, soldier! You can always get a white iPhone and be ahead of the curve once again.

Vrooom! - When you're done watching the new 3G iPhone ad, make sure you have a look-see at news for the gamers among us. Sega, Pangea, and Digital Legends debuted some action/adventure and racing games! Finally, a new use for the accelerometer besides watching "The Office" in landscape mode.

By: Richard MorossNews. We haz it. - The keynote is over and there was -- as expected -- loads of big news. The hot new 3G iPhone was announced, there's confirmed information about MobileMe, and all sorts of tidbits about the iPhone 2.0 firmware that will be available in July. Stay tuned right here to get all the details about everything Steve and his band of merry devs talked about today.

By: dullhunkSnarkalicious - There will be plenty of liveblogging action around the Internet today when Steve Jobs kicks off the WWDC with his keynote speech. We'll watch what everybody's saying so you don't have to, then condense all the good bits for you. You'll get up-to-the-minute coverage, and we'll toss in a few comments of our own, too. (Snark! Look out below!)

By: PinkMooseBlah, blah - We're gathered in IRC, killing time and swapping stories. Where are you?

You knew it was coming - First the Australian Apple store was down. Now it's seems they're down world wide. They're dropping like dominoes, folks. You know what that means...

iText - by BdwayDiva1Txtn ur phone - You know we love Twitter but, let's face it, so does everyone else and that means the service tends to get overloaded and stop working. That also means some people are speculating it might not be a reliable way to get your WWDC news this week, especially since, as one reader pointed out, Twitter tends to stop working because it's, y'know, Wednesday. Don't worry, we have another plan to keep you in the know. Sign up at TUAW's Pingie page and we'll send text messages right to your phone all week long alerting you to the news and happenings at WWDC. Don't worry, Pingie doesn't harvest or resell your phone number so you won't get spammed with messages about how to get a larger hard drive, but don't forget that charges from your mobile phone carrier may apply.

Photo by -bast-Guesses, we've got 'em - Half the fun of WWDC is anticipating what this year's announcements will be (the other half is, y'know, the actual announcements). We made our predictions for this year. What are yours?

Who? What? Where? When? - There's eleventy-hundred sessions at WWDC this year and it makes us wish we could clone ourselves and attend every single one of them. If you're going to the event and want to know what's happening when, or just plan to Twitter-stalk someone you know will be there, check out the schedule in PDF or zap it into the calendar on your iPhone or Mac.

Courtesy of AppleIf it rings, bring the bling - The iPhone has been getting attention for weeks as everyone speculates if the new 3Gs will finally arrive during the WWDC. We've also heard that the phone's 2.0 firmware went gold master a few days ago, that there might be some new iPhone functionality hiding in 10.5.3, and we know some awards will be handed out for the the best iPhone Web app. Stay tuned at TUAW, we'll keep you posted.

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