Top 7 Free iOS Apps for Laboratory Assistance

For those who need to convert measurements such as weights, volumes, and areas, or even calculate currency exchanges and tips at restaurants, there are plenty of apps available. But what about specialized tools for scientists? With the ubiquity of iOS devices like iPhones, it’s worth exploring some of the top free apps designed to assist with laboratory work.

NEB Tools

If your work involves molecular microbiology or DNA, you’re likely familiar with the need for restriction enzymes. Figuring out the right buffer and temperature for your experiments can be a hassle. The NEB Tools app from New England Biolab simplifies this by providing a vast library of buffer and enzyme combinations, along with detailed enzyme properties.

This app eliminates the need for physical catalogs or constant website visits, putting essential data right at your fingertips.

NEB Tools – Free

Invitrogen DailyCalcs

Invitrogen Daily Calcs iPhone app

Calculating molarities, concentrations, dilutions, and formula weights is often tedious. Invitrogen’s DailyCalcs app aims to ease this burden with tools like a molarity calculator, stock dilution calculator, and formula weight calculator. It also includes unit converters and cell culture reference material, making it an indispensable tool for quick daily calculations in the lab.

Invitrogen DailyCalcs – Free


Promega iPhone app

Promega’s app includes a variety of biomath calculators, such as DNA and protein conversions, dilution calculators, and a melting temperature calculator for primers. It also offers access to protocols and instructional videos, making it a valuable resource for troubleshooting and learning new techniques.

Promega – Free



QIAGEN, known for its assay kits, offers an app packed with calculators for unit conversions, dilutions, molarity, and more.

It also includes a comprehensive list of buffer recipes for various applications like electrophoresis and Southern blotting. The app is rounded out with video tutorials to help streamline your lab work.

QIAGEN App – Free


If you need a straightforward solution for making dilutions, the Dilution app provides a no-frills calculator that’s easy to use. Simply input your values, choose the units, and get your results instantly.

Dilution – Free



Protocolpedia offers access to a vast database of protocols from academic institutions worldwide. It covers a wide range of standard lab experiments and includes a live forum for troubleshooting with peers.

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