iOS 7 Lock Screen Ads and iTunes Radio Features

As developers explore the capabilities of the iOS 7 beta, many are gravitating towards iTunes Radio, not only to test this new feature but also as a musical backdrop for their programming activities. According to Neil Hughes from Apple Insider, this is the first instance where users might encounter an advertisement on their lock screen while enjoying iTunes Radio.

When you tune into your preferred station, you can switch off your iPhone’s screen and still enjoy continuous music playback.

When you reactivate your phone, you’ll see the album cover of the currently playing song right on your lock screen. For those who do not subscribe to iTunes Match, this album art also includes a prompt labeled “Download on iTunes,” which offers a direct link to purchase the track from iTunes.

Conversely, subscribers of iTunes Match are presented solely with the album art on their lock screen.

However, they can buy the song being streamed by opening the Music app, where a purchase button, along with the song’s price, is displayed in the top-right corner of the screen (see image at right). It’s important to note that this feature is part of the early beta version of iOS 7, and the specifics of the “Download on iTunes” link on the lock screen could be modified in the lead-up to the official release of the operating system this autumn.


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