iPhone 4S and 5 Users to Receive AT&T Emergency Alerts

AT&T has recently declared that iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users will soon receive a software update enabling the reception of Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA).

Once activated, these alerts will be sent as text messages to inform users of critical emergencies, though they will not impact the monthly data usage quotas of the subscribers.

Users might receive three distinct types of WEA notifications on their devices.

  1. AMBER Alerts – These alerts are issued in cases of child abductions, where there is a possibility that the child is near the area where the alert is received.

  2. Imminent Threat Alerts – These alerts are used to warn of severe, immediate dangers to safety or property, such as impending natural disasters.

  3. Presidential Alerts – These are critical alerts issued directly by the President of the United States in cases of national emergency.

While AT&T users have the option to disable AMBER and Imminent Threat alerts, it is important to note that Presidential Alerts cannot be turned off.

This feature ensures that all citizens receive vital national notifications irrespective of their settings.

Finally, AT&T has confirmed that this update will be available to iPhones operating on iOS 6.1 or newer versions.



Tj Luoma

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