Vision Improvement App Proven Effective by Science

Vision Improvement App Proven Effective by Science

The digital marketplace of the App Store is overflowing with applications that often overpromise and underdeliver. Amidst this clutter, a peculiar app named GlassesOff claims it can diminish the reliance on reading glasses.

Despite initial skepticism, this app is supported by solid scientific research. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal reports, a study spanning 12 weeks and published in Scientific Reports demonstrated that the app enhanced letter recognition efficiency by 1.6 times.

Vision Improvement App Proven Effective by Science

Upon installation, GlassesOff conducts an initial vision assessment to tailor a specific training schedule for the user.

These training sessions, lasting up to 15 minutes, occur three times a week. They are strategically designed to train the brain to better process visual data from the eyes, particularly for individuals experiencing presbyopia—a common age-related issue that blurs the vision of nearby objects.

While the app can be downloaded at no cost and includes a three-week trial period, the customized training program usually costs US$59 for four additional months.

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