EU Could Mandate Apple to Switch From Lightning Connector

EU Could Mandate Apple to Switch From Lightning Connector

In a recent development, European Union legislators have reached a consensus on a preliminary regulation that mandates a universal charging solution for all consumer electronic devices. This directive, which is likely to be implemented no earlier than 2017, will compel companies including Apple, known for its proprietary Lightning connector, to adopt a standardized charging interface, potentially the micro-USB currently in use by numerous other device manufacturers.

The proposed regulation is set to be put to vote by March 2014.

EU Could Mandate Apple to Switch From Lightning Connector

Following approval, EU member states will be required to transpose the directive into national law within a year. Subsequently, manufacturers will be given another year to ensure their products comply with the new standard.

This timeline suggests that Apple may need to modify its Lightning connector by 2017 to align with the new EU requirements.

This legislative move, driven by consumer advocacy groups, may however be preempted by technological advancements. A novel USB connector, designed by Ajay Bhatt, a pioneer in USB technology, is currently under consideration.

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