Enhance Touch ID Reliability Using This Easy Method

Enhance Touch ID Reliability Using This Easy Method

For iPhone 5s users experiencing issues with the Touch ID feature not recognizing their fingerprints, there’s a straightforward solution that might enhance its accuracy. Mike Sierra, a reader, suggests that by registering the same finger multiple times—specifically, five times—you can greatly improve the sensor’s reliability.

To add a new fingerprint, you can either follow the instructions provided below or view a step-by-step video here.

Enhance Touch ID Reliability Using This Easy Method

Simply repeat the process five times for optimal results.

  1. Make sure both the Home button and your finger are clean and free of moisture.

  2. Position the iPhone in your hand as you typically would when pressing the Home button.

  3. Gently place your finger on the Home button without pressing down, and hold it there until you feel a slight vibration or are prompted to remove your finger.

  4. Lift your finger and place it back down slowly, slightly shifting the angle or position of your finger each time.

  5. After the initial scan, you’ll be instructed to slightly adjust your hold to capture the edges of your fingerprint.

  6. Continue to hold the phone normally and use the sides of your fingertip for scanning, rather than the central part you initially used.

  7. The system will save the fingerprint once the scanning process is complete.

It’s important to note that using all five slots for a single finger’s prints in iOS 7 might seem excessive, but it ensures a comprehensive capture of the fingerprint’s details. Our testing indicates that even with as few as two scans, the method is effective.

Try it yourself and share your experiences in the comments section.


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