Study Reveals 80% of Apps Are Used Just Once by Users

Study Reveals 80% of Apps Are Used Just Once by Users

Recent insights from Localytics reveal intriguing patterns in app usage, based on an analysis of 1.5 billion devices and 25,000 apps. The findings show that while 20% of apps are only opened once—a 6% decrease from four years ago—the number of apps that are used 11 or more times has risen by 13%, now representing nearly 40% of all apps.

Which types of apps keep users coming back? Weather and social networking apps lead in engagement, whereas sports and gaming apps see the highest rates of abandonment. This trend may be attributed to the intense competition within the sports and gaming sectors.

Study Reveals 80% of Apps Are Used Just Once by Users

In contrast, users tend to quickly find and stick with preferred apps for weather and social interactions. Notably, gaming apps face a nearly 50% likelihood of being abandoned permanently if not revisited within the first 12 hours.

The analysis also highlights a slight edge in engagement for Android users over their iOS counterparts, possibly due to the larger app ecosystem available on iOS platforms. This abundance of choice might dilute user engagement, as iOS users navigate through more apps competing for their attention.

For developers, the ideal scenario is achieving frequent, repeated use of their apps.

This not only benefits the industry by fostering a competitive market but also enhances user satisfaction by providing valuable, engaging app experiences.

Reflecting on this study, it aligns well with my personal app usage patterns. As an avid user of weather and messaging apps on my iPhone, I resonate with the high engagement rates of these categories. Although I’m open to experimenting with new games, they quickly lose their appeal if they fail to captivate my interest immediately.


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