Apple still says ‘No Video iPod’

video ipod

Stan “I like to rain on  your parade” Ng, director of iPod marketing worldwide, told The Australian that there are no plans for a video iPod in the near future. This is a break from Apple’s ‘we don’t discuss future products with anyone, especially not you, punk,’ stance, so I take it they are pretty serious about it.

Mr Ng said, “There is no legal way today of taking a DVD and making it viewable on a portable device. There are issues with video, and no infrastructure for acquiring that content. For a player with a 3 1/2-inch screen, you have to wonder if it would be worthwhile. You can’t watch video while you’re jogging or mountain biking.”

His Steveness has said loudly and often that he doesn’t think that anyone is interested in watching video on a tiny screen.  Creative Labs, and several other gadget makers, disagree and are aggressively marketing their portable media centers.

I’m with Apple here, until they iron out the copyright issues here video on an iPod like device doesn’t make sense, not to mention the very small screens make it a drag to watch letter boxed content.

Am I wrong? Are you anxiously awaiting a video iPod?

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