Mac Mini: the unveiling [pics]

Mac Mini box front

Today, dear readers, I braved a raging blizzard and a broken toe to secure what I believe is the very last Mac Mini in all of upstate New York. Believe you me, this brings me no pleasure for myself - I do it all for you. ;)

I just took a boatload of shots of the official unwrapping. There’s no easy way to upload a gallery of shots so I’ll keep adding as I go along. For you fellow late night Mac sickos (and everyone snowed in in the northeast US…), please don’t overkill on the ‘refresh’ button ‘cuz you’ll kill our servers. There’s plenty of Mac pr0n that awaits, so just take it easy, k?

Mac Mini box back

Above: box back
Below: cat and Mini
Cat and Mac Mini
Mac Mini box side
Above: Right side of box. Smart move, promoting the value of the iLife suite. The other side of the box is the Apple logo. Bottom of the box is listing of specs, bar codes, fine print.
Below: The first cut is the deepest.
Mac Mini opening
Mac Mini open box
Above: open box
Below: iLife CD on top… with floral theme? What up with that? :)
iLife CD
Mac Mini in box
Above: Behold, the Mini.
Below: Bottom of box
Mac Mini box inside
Mac Mini box contents
Above: Box contents - Mini, software pack, power supply and cord, DVI to VGA adapter (plus iLife disk)
Below: Back of Mac Mini and power supply. Noting the power supply is pretty darn big itself, about a third of the width of the Mini itself and two thirds of the height.
Back of Mac Mini and power supply
Mac Mini back corner 2
Above: Back of Mini, corner
Below: Back panel of Mac Mini
Mac Mini back panel
Mac Mini front
Above: Front of Mac Mini. One slot, one barely noticeable LED.

Size comparisons

Yeah, I knew it was tiny. Everybody knows it’s tiny. But damn… the thing is TINY!!

Mac Mini in hand
Mac Mini w/iPod and Apple mouse
Above: Mac Mini with 3G iPod and Apple bluetooth mouse
Below: Power supply with iPod and mouse
Mac Mini power supply with iPod and Appple mouse
Mac Mini with Dell Axim x50v and Gameboy
Above: Mac Mini with Dell Axim x50v and Gameboy
Below: Mac Mini height compared to iPod 3G
Mac Mini height with iPod
Mac Mini height compare
Above: Mac Mini as compared to height of iPod and power supply
Below: Mac Mini and Powerbook G4
Mac Mini and Powerbook G4
Mac Mini and Apple display
Above: Mac Mini and Apple display
Below: Mac Mini and G4 tower
Mac Mini and G4 tower
After having taken the time to admire, it is now high time to go play with my Mini!
Mac Mini wearing headphones

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